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Official logo of AmbaCoin
Initial release24 December 2018[1]
Development statusIn use
Exchange rateUS$0.25

AmbaCoin is the official cryptocurrency of Ambazonia.[1][2][3][4] It is said to be backed by the "rich natural resources" of the breakaway region.[1] The AmbaCoin was launched on in 2018, and the ICO was from December 2018 to 2019.[5] The Ambazonian Government claims that all profits go towards their independence struggle and humanitarian aid.[6][7]


In 2018, AmbaCoin was created with the intention of being the official currency of Ambazonia. Despite the AmbaCoin being a cryptocurrency, it cannot be used as an official currency due to many Ambazonians not having access to the internet, low internet literacy, and lack of proper electricity infrastructure; most residents have little to no access to electricity. Because of this, a new currency would have to be introduced if independence is attained, for day-to-day transactions and business matters. Several names have been suggested but none have been adopted officially. Examples include: the Amba, the Ambazonian Shilling, the Amba-Dollar, Southern Cameroonian Pound, Ambazonian Cowry (the historical currency that circulated along the coast of West Africa, mostly by traders and merchants, before the colonization of Africa), Njangi,[8][9] Ambazonian Dinar, Ambazonian Qwid and the West African Eco (provided it joins the ECOWAS along with the WAMZ if or once independence is attained).


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