Ambarchik Bay

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Ambarchik Bay
бухта Амбарчик
Ambarchik Bay is located in Sakha Republic
Ambarchik Bay
Ambarchik Bay
Map showing the location of the bay
Siberia ambarchikbay.png
Location Far North
Coordinates 69°39′N 162°18′E / 69.650°N 162.300°E / 69.650; 162.300Coordinates: 69°39′N 162°18′E / 69.650°N 162.300°E / 69.650; 162.300
Ocean/sea sources East Siberian Sea
Basin countries Russia
Settlements Ambarchik

Ambarchik Bay (Russian: бухта Амбарчик) is a shallow bay in the eastern Kolyma Gulf in the East Siberian Sea. The location is within the Sakha Autonomous Republic, Russia, located approximately 1,700 kilometers (1,100 mi) (by air) north-east of Yakutsk. The port and polar station of Ambarchik (a transit station during the Gulag), is located on the coastline of the bay.[1]


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