Ambassador of Conscience Award

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Ambassador of Conscience Award
Awarded forhuman rights award
Date2003 (2003)
Presented byAmnesty International
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The Ambassador of Conscience Award is Amnesty International's most prestigious human rights award. It celebrates individuals and groups who have furthered the cause of human rights by showing exceptional courage standing up to injustice and who have used their talents to inspire others. It also aims to generate debate, encourage public action and raise awareness of inspirational stories and human rights issues. Since 2016, the Award ceremonies have been organised by the Art for Amnesty programme of the Amnesty International International Secretariat, including the coordination of over 30 events hosted by national Amnesty Sections worldwide to honour the Fridays for Future movement in 2019.

The Award was inspired by a poem written by Seamus Heaney for Amnesty International in 1985. The poem, "From the Republic of Conscience" ends with the lines: "Their embassies he said, were everywhere but operated independently and no ambassador would ever be relieved".



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