Amber's Brewing Company

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Amber's Brewing Company
Location Edmonton, Alberta, CAN
Opened 2007
Owned by Independent
Active beers
Name Type
Amber's Pale Ale English pale ale
Amber's Sap Vampire Maple Lager American dark lager
Amber's Australian Mountain Pepper Berry Lager Fruit beer
Bub's Lunch Pail Ale Golden ale
Seasonal beers
Name Type
Honey Brown American dark lager

Amber's Brewing Co. Inc. is a microbrewery located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Amber’s Brewing Company seeks to use natural flavors in their beers and craft coolers, while being socially and environmentally conscious. Amber's Produces one ale, two lagers and a Stout. The ale is "Amber's Lunch Pail Ale" an English style pale ale. Lagers include "Amber's Australian Mountain Pepper Berry Lager" flavoured with sun-dried Australian Mountain Pepper berries and "Amber's Sap Vampire Maple Lager" a light maple flavoured lager. Amber's Stout is "Amber's Kenmount Road Chocolate Stout".

"Amber’s Lunch Pail Ale" Lunch Pail Ale uses four types of malt and some wheat in the mash, plus four types of Hops (including English Ale Hops) at three different points during the boil.

"Amber's Australian Mountain Pepperberry Lager" This lager is infused with sun-dried Australian blueberries. This provides a slight blueberry/cherry nose without a fruity flavour.

"Amber's Kenmount Road Chocolate Stout" Brewed with a combination of five specialty malts, including roasted barley.

"Amber's Sap Vampire Maple Lager" The amber red lager doesn’t get in the way of the natural maple flavour. Sap Vampire has an aroma of gorgeous intense buttery maple. The maple aroma then transfers to the pallet with a slight hint of crisp malt lingering in the background created by a specialty blend of Canadian malts and wheat.

Craft Coolers "GROG Columbian Lime Craft Cooler"

Simply pure, purely simple! This amazing all natural Columbian Lime Cooler is perfection bottled. The five, that’s right five, natural ingredients combine into a concoction which is not too sweet but definitely not too tart. Grog is made with real lime therefore don’t forget to flip before you sip.

Advertising and Slogans[edit]

"Flip before you sip" has become eponymous with the craft cooler line.

The slogan "the Beer with more Nose" has come to represent "BUB's Lunch Pail Ale" because dry hopping has created a stronger hops aroma than most of Amber's other beers and because the character represented on the box and the labels, BUB SLUG (a character first created in 1976 by local cartoonists Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen) has a larger than average nose.


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