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AmberMUSH Logo.gif
Developer(s) Jennifer Smith, project community
Engine TinyMUSH
Platform(s) Platform independent
Release 1992
Genre(s) Chronicles of Amber MUSH
Mode(s) Multiplayer

AmberMUSH, sometimes abbreviated Amber, was a MUSH — a kind of online text-based role-playing game — based on The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny[1][2][3] and, to some extent, the Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game.[3][4] Founded in 1992 by Jennifer "Jasra" Smith and several associates,[5] it operated until 2009, remaining online for 17 years.

In the 1990s, AmberMUSH was noted as one of the most popular examples of the MUD genre.[4]

Game characteristics[edit]

AmberMUSH was a heavily role-playing-focused environment with a particular emphasis on dialogue between player characters. It used the backdrop of the Amber multiverse to provide a broad variety of fictional settings.[1]

In a departure from common MUSH convention, AmberMUSH did not employ "judges" to referee the outcomes of role-played conflict between players, but placed the responsibility for determining outcomes on the players themselves.[4]


AmberMUSH has been critically praised, having been called a "wonderful MUSH" and it being said that, while participating in it involved significant effort, "the payoff is worthwhile".[4]


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