Amber Dhara

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Amber Dhara - Kahani Judi Behno Ki
The promotional logo image of "Amber Dhara".
Created by Swastik Pictures
Directed by Bhushan Patel
Starring See below
Voices of Sonu Nigam
Udit Narayan
Opening theme "Amber Dhara"
Country of origin India
No. of episodes Total 124
Producer(s) Sidharth Tewary
Vikas Seth
Running time approx. 28 minutes
Original network Sony TV
Picture format 480i (SDTV),
Original release September 24, 2007 – April 24, 2008

Amber Dhara was a Hindi language Indian television series that aired on Sony Entertainment Television (Global) from September 24, 2007[1] until April 24, 2008, based on the lives of conjoined twins, Amber & Dhara.



The story revolves around the life of two conjoined twins: Amber and Dhara, who share the vital organ, 'liver' and are conjoined at the hip. The 20% of the liver is a part of Amber's body and the remaining 80% is a part of Dhara's body, which rules out the possibility of a surgery being carried out to separate the twins without any fatality being involved in the process. The surgeon, a quack doctor who the twin's mother, Lata consulted asserted that if the surgery will be carried out, Amber will die. Hence, scaring her off to get any other advise from other doctors.


The girls face many obstacles for being handicapped; hence, they run away from home to Mumbai. Amber's dream is to become a singer, therefore, the girls go to Mumbai to pursue her dream. Anuj lures the girls to Mumbai. However, later on they find out that Anuj was lying and he has other intentions: he wants the girls to join the circus. Amber and Dhara are dressed up in clownish outfits and are told that they are going to perform but instead are tricked into coming to the circus where they are teased and laughed at. Both girls want to leave and try to escape the humiliation but Anuj and his handyman catches them and forces the girls to stay. Amber and Dhara decide to stay and perform in one show and they make friends with many people at the circus. After giving a marvelous performance the two girls escape from the Circus. Luckily their friend Akshat finds them and they live with him until they are able to pursue Amber's dream. They join a band and then they are arrested for the murder of Akshat's mom. Amber Dhara's mom fights the case for them, but finds out that their dad is fighting for the other side, but Lata (Amber Dhara's mom), hides this from Amber Dhara

After going through a lots of harsh times, Amber Dhara successfully gets separated in the end of the story. And they live their lives happily ever after!



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