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Ambesse Tolosa (born 28 August 1977 in Shewa) is an Ethiopian long-distance runner, who specializes in the marathon race.

Tolosa tested positive for banned substances in February 2008 and received a two-year ban from competitive athletics. The substance that was present in his system (morphine) was not a performance-enhancing drug and Tolosa said that he did not know how it had gotten into his body, but the IAAF rules stated that athletes received bans regardless of intent.[1] His results from 9 December 2007 onwards were annulled,[2] which included his win at the Honolulu Marathon that year.


Year Competition Venue Position Event Notes
Representing  Ethiopia
1998 Hokkaido Marathon Sapporo, Japan 1st Marathon 2:10:13
1999 World Championships Seville, Spain 13th Marathon 2:16:45
2000 World Cross Country Championships Vilamoura 2nd Team
Rotterdam Marathon Rotterdam, Netherlands 8th Marathon 2:10:57
2001 Beijing Marathon Beijing, PR China 5th Marathon 2:10:37
2002 Amsterdam Marathon Amsterdam, Netherlands 7th Marathon 2:10:09
2003 World Championships Paris, France 19th Marathon 2:12:19
2004 Paris Marathon Paris, France 1st Marathon 2:08:56
Olympic Games Athens, Greece 15th Marathon 2:15:39
2005 World Championships Helsinki, Finland 19th Marathon 2:16:36
2006 Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon San Diego, United States 1st Marathon 2:10:08
Tokyo Marathon Tokyo, Japan 1st Marathon 2:08:58
Honolulu Marathon Honolulu, Hawaii 1st Marathon 2:13:42
2007 World Championships Osaka, Japan 38th Marathon 2:30:20

Personal bests[edit]

Surface Event Time (h:min:s) Venue Date
Road 10 km 27:56 Groesbeek, Netherlands 10 June 2000
Half marathon 1:02:19 Brussels, Belgium 5 May 2002
25 km 1:15:31 Tokyo, Japan 12 February 2006
30 km 1:30:43 Rotterdam, Netherlands 24 April 2002
Marathon 2:08:56 Paris, France 4 April 2004
  • All information taken from IAAF profile.


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