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Ambient Devices, Inc. is a privately held company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA that designs and markets various ambient devices for display of information ranging from weather to traffic reports to stock quotes. The company was founded by David L. Rose, Ben Resner, Nabeel Hyatt and Pritesh Gandhi, and is a spin-off from the MIT Media Lab.[1] It is funded by First Round Capital, .406 Ventures, and Nicholas Negroponte.[2] The company also maintains the Ambient Information Network, a U.S. nationwide datacasting network presently hosted by U.S.A. Mobility, a U.S. paging service. The service is similar to the discontinued Microsoft's SPOT service.

Ambient's devices focus on information of interest to the local (or larger) area, such as weather and stock indices, sports scores and standings, pollen count, etc. With a subscription Ambient will provide a particular device with a personalized data feed: an individual stock or portfolio, windspeed near your boat, the weekend weather forecast at your lake house, your book's position on Amazon, firewall status, wait-times at your hospital, customer satisfaction for your bank, etc.


  • Ambient Orb – March 2002[3]
  • Ambient Weather Beacon – 2003
  • Ambient Weather Forecaster – 2004
  • Ambient Dashboard – 2004
  • Ambient Wireless Datacasting Kit – March 2005[4]
  • Ambient 5-Day Weather Forecaster launched at Brookstone [4]
  • Ambient Google Clock – (in development)[5]
  • Ambient Umbrella – 2007 [6]
  • Ambient Energy Joule - 2007 [7]
  • Ambient Flurry Alarm Clock - 2011 [8]


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