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Ambling Books
Opened 2009
Pricing model Free and paid downloads
Platforms Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Format MP3
Catalogue 10,725 audio book titles
Protocol Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http://)
Availability worldwide
Features Free and discounted audio book downloads; book player software; bookmarking; wireless distribution, wishlist

Ambling Books is a privately held online company that offers free and paid DRM-free audiobooks for download and audio book player software for computers and mobile devices. Ambling is also a distribution channel for audiobook publishers.


  • Nov. 2008 - begins development phase.[1]
  • Feb. 2009 - Company is incorporated by owner Howard Davis as iBookTreasures, LLC[2][3]
  • Jan 2011 - Release Ambling BookPlayer for Windows.[4]
  • Mar. 2011 - Released Ambling BookPlayer for the Mac.[5]
  • July 2011 - Released Ambling BookPlayer for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch[6]
  • February 2016 - Ambling Books shuts down[7]


In July 2010, Ambling Audio Books launched as a "publisher-friendly" distribution channel for audio book publishers.[8] offers the general public access to over 10,000 free and discounted audio books from publishers including Simon & Schuster, Blackstone Audio, BBC Audiobooks, Tantor Audio, and LibriVox.[edit]

In August 2009, the site was launched offering specialized audiobook playing software called the Ambling BookPlayer.[9] This software, initially created for Android devices, offered several benefits over existing MP3 players:

  • Automatic file handling (listeners interact with multiple MP3 files as a single book).
  • Chapter-based, instead of file-based navigation.
  • Extensive bookmarking and note-making capabilities.
  • Series-based library organization (titles in a series are ordered by chronological date, not alphabetically).
  • Automatic bookmark history prevents listeners from losing their place
  • Sleep timer stops the audio book playback during nighttime listening[10][11]

The Ambling BookPlayer application supports both wired and wireless downloading of audio books from

The Ambling BookPlayer has received high ratings from users of the application.[12][13]


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