Amblyglyphidodon indicus

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Amblyglyphidodon indicus
Amblyglyphidodon indicus.JPG
Not evaluated (IUCN 3.1)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Pomacentridae
Genus: Amblyglyphidodon
Species: A. indicus
Binomial name
Amblyglyphidodon indicus
(G. R. Allen & J. E. Randall, 2002)

Amblyglyphidodon indicus also known as the Maldives damselfish is a species of fish in the family Pomacentridae. It is native to the Indian Ocean, including the Red Sea and the Maldives.[1] The fish reaches 8.3 centimeters in length.[1] Its diet includes zooplankton and floating organic material.[2] It is likely that this fish is reef-associated. It has been noted at depths up to 15 meters.[1]


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