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Angola map.png
Ambriz is located in Angola
Location in Angola
Coordinates: 7°51′S 13°07′E / 7.850°S 13.117°E / -7.850; 13.117
Country Flag of Angola.svg Angola
Admin. division Bengo Province
 • Total 17,000

Ambriz is a village, commune and municipality in Bengo Province, Angola.

The population of Ambriz is majority Bakongo, with some Portuguese descedents. Also, the population also includes Ovimbundu and Kimbundu.

Fishing is the traditional activity and low-scale agricultural activity. In the past, Ambriz had an oil and gas platform assembly yard (PETROMAR), which was destroyed as result in 1992. The base is in reconstruction. In 2007, an Angolan-Portuguese company announced plans to build a biodiesel plant that will be fueled by palm oil.

There are both a small port and an airport with unpaved runway there.


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Coordinates: 7°51′S 13°07′E / 7.850°S 13.117°E / -7.850; 13.117