Ambrose Mutinhiri

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Ambrose Mutinhiri is a Zimbabwean politician, currently serving as the Minister of Youth Development and Employment Creation. A retired army commander and brigadier, he was appointed as Minister of Youth Development, Gender and Employment Creation on February 9, 2004.[1] He was trained in Russia during the Rhodesian Bush War. He is known for training the best calibre of soldiers during this period, even the late General Solomon Mujuru testified that he was trained by Mutinhiri.[citation needed]

Mutinhiri was nominated as ZANU-PF's candidate for the House of Assembly seat from Marondera West, a constituency in Mashonaland East, in the March 2008 parliamentary election.[2] According to official results, he won the seat with 4,284 votes against 2,132 votes for a candidate of the Movement for Democratic Change.[3]


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