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Scientific classification

Brader ex Arx & Hennebert 1965

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Ambrosiella is a genus of ambrosia fungi within the family Ceratocystidaceae. It was circumscribed by mycologists Josef Adolph von Arx and Grégoire L. Hennebert in 1965 with Ambrosiella xylebori as the type species.[1] All Ambrosiella species are obligate symbionts of ambrosia beetles. Several former species were moved to Raffaelea, Hyalorhinocladiella, or Phialophoropsis [2][3] and there are nine species recognized as of 2017.[3][4][5] One species, Ambrosiella cleistominuta, has been observed to produce a fertile sexual state with cleistothecious ascomata.[5]



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