Amchitka Pass

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Amchitka Pass is located in Alaska
Amchitka Pass
Location of Amchitka Pass in Alaska

Amchitka Pass is a strait in Alaska, United States. It is located in the Aleutian Islands, between the Rat Islands group to the west and the Delarof Islands to the east. Amchitka Pass has a least width of 50 miles and depths of 49 to over 1,000 fathoms. The islands on both sides of the pass should be cleared by at least 5 miles. Heavy tide rips have been observed off the E end of Amchitka Island. The pass is dangerous in heavy weather, particularly for small and medium craft; currents appear erratic in direction and velocities may be strong. This may account for reports of very large seas and strong tide rips.[1]


Coordinates: 51°46′N 179°59′W / 51.767°N 179.983°W / 51.767; -179.983