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Amélie Chabannes (Paris, 1974) is a French artist who lives and works in Brooklyn.[1]


Chabannes graduated in 1999 from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs (ENSAD) in Paris.

Chabannes explores the notion of identity, its various derivations and representations within philosophy, psychology and biometry. Her proteiform body of work lies on a contrasted dialog between the ever-changing psychological identity and the rigid boundaries of physical identification. Chabannes opposes the State’s monopoly over the right to define identity against the extreme complexity of defining ourselves as individuals. In her recent projects, Chabannes brought the psychological exploration of the individual into an in dissociable relation with Archeological Procedures. Her installations stand as sites, her sculptures are submitted to raw and meticulous excavations which debris and features are remains and evidence of our particularity.

Amelie Chabannes was born in Paris, France. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Her work has been shown in Carrousel du Louvre (Paris), Museo Frantz Mayer Mexico City, Cite de la Musique (Paris), Galerie SE (Norway) Galerie Acte 2, Galerie Anton Weller (Paris) and LUXE Gallery (New York), Galerie Hussenot (Paris).

Additional awards and honors include a grant from French Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Culture for the design of a cultural center in Riga.


2011 Galerie Hussenot. Paris, France. 2010 Stephan Stoyanov Gallery. New York, NY. Vast 2008 Luxe Gallery. New York, NY. My Portrait of Your Identity
2006 Luxe Gallery. New York, NY. The Bestiary Of Clothilde
2006 Luxe Gallery. New York, NY. Oil, Cotton and Amalgams
2004 Rubin Chapelle. New York, NY. Open Secrets, curated by Regis Krampf and Beatrice Pei
2003 LC100 Reade Street. New York, NY. Minuscules, curated by Lili Chopra (DTW, Fiaf NYC)
2002 La hune Gallery. Paris, France. Untitled, release of the art and literature review
2002 Verso Arts et Lettres titled: Dossier Amelie Chabannes, pour un art au dessus de la melee!.

2011 Galerie Hussenot. The Armory Show. New York, USA
2011 Stephan Stoyanov Gallery. In the heart of a Woman. New York, USA
2010 Nada Art Fair. Special Outdoor Exhibition.
2010 Stephan Stoyanov Gallery. Sites of Memory : Architecture and Remembering Curated by William Stover
2010 Galerie Hussenot. The Amory Show 2010, New York, NY.
2009 The Red House. Syracuse. NY
2009 Macy’s Windows. NY. FIAF Festival Crossing the lines. Curated by Julie Boukobza and Lili Chopra
2009 Stephan Stoyanov Gallery. Nada Art Fair. Miami FL
2009 Art Brussels 2009. Brussels, Belgium
2009 Stephan Stoyanov Gallery. Bruxelles Belgium. Phantoms
2009 White Box. New York, NY. Talent Preview, 5 curators – 5 artists
2009 Luxe Gallery. New York, NY. Alive
2008 Galerie of Marseille. Marseille, France. Alive
2008 Artissima, Torino, Italy
2008 Art Brussels Brussels, Belgium
2008 Cige Beijing ArtFair. Beijing China
2008 Luxe Gallery. New York, NY Singular

2007 Luxe Gallery. New York, NY. Landscapes
2007 Athens Art Fair. Athens, Greece. Luxe Gallery
2007 Chicago Art Fair. Chicago, USA
2006 La FIAC. Paris, France. Men Many More
2006 Fernando Zubillaga Galleria. Caracas, Venezuela
2006 KrampfPei Gallery. New York, NY. Untitled
2006 Acte 2 Gallery. Paris, France. Anima Corpus
2006 Galerie SE. Bergen, Norway. Singular
2006 Il Syndroma Di Pantagruel. Torino Art Fair, Italy . Luxe Gallery
2005 La FIAC, Paris, France. Luxe Gallery
2005 Athens Art Fair. Athens, Greece. Luxe Gallery
2005 Luxe Gallery. New York, NY. Luxe gallery. It's Not About Sex
2004 Luxe Gallery. New York, NY. Simply drawn
2004 Acte 2 Gallery. Paris, France. Flower
2000 Museo Frantz Mayer. Mexico City, Mexico. Curated by Sebastian O Campo
2000 National Art Center of Mexico City. Curated by Sebastian O Campo
2000 Cite de la Musique. Paris, France. Ames
2000 Carrousel du Louvre. Paris, France.

2010 Award Of Excellence / The arts. International Center Of New York
2002 Construction of French Cultural center. Riga, Ladvia. Laureate Project. In collaboration with the architect Adam Yedid (official architect or the French Monument) and the French Office of the Foreign Affairs.
2000 Grant "vent des forets", Verdun, France Laureate Project. International symposium gathering 5 international artists and architects.

2005 Progressive Collection, Cleveland, OH
Private collections.USA, Belgium, England, France, Japan, Russia

2008 "Art In America"
2007 "LVHRD Magazine", Featured Artist including video expose
2006 "Remastered", Published by the Gestalte Verlag, Berlin
2000 "Art In Space", Catherine Ferbos & Mickey Boel

2000 - 1996 E.N.S.A.D - Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Arts Decoratifs de Paris, Leading French school of design
1992 - 1994 E.S.S.A.G - Atelier met de Penninghen, Leading French private school of design


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