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Mestre Amen Santo is an Afro-Brazilian mestre (master) of the acrobatic martial art of capoeira. He has acted in roles practicing his art in two Hollywood movies, Only The Strong and Kickboxer 4, and created much of the former's fight choreography.

He was born in Bahia, Brazil, and as a teenager, took to capoeira under Mestre Waldemar and Mestre Avila as a means of escaping the poverty and violent crime present in his neighborhood. He emigrated to the United States sometime later and began teaching capoeira in Los Angeles. He is founding director of Capoeira Batuque group of capoeiristas, and currently oversees the group's schools internationally. The countries his schools are in are Japan, Dubai, Germany and the homeland of Capoeira in Brazil, Headquarters are located in Los Angeles, USA. He is also the father of three children.

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