America's Dumbest Criminals

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America's Dumbest Criminals
Genre Reality
Presented by
  • Daniel Butler (1996–2000)
  • Beaumont Bacon (1997–98)
  • Debbie Alan (1998–2000)
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 104[1]
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Entheos Group (1996–97)
Scene Three (1996–97)
Lacey Entertainment
Worldvision Enterprises (1996–99)
PVS/Speer International (1998–99)
Paramount Domestic Television (1999–2000)
Distributor CBS Television Distribution
Original network Syndication
Original release September 21, 1996 (1996-09-21) – May 27, 2000 (2000-05-27)
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America's Dumbest Criminals is an American reality series that aired in syndication from September 21, 1996 to May 27, 2000 for a total of 104 episodes, hosted by Daniel Butler during all four seasons. Beaumont Bacon co-hosted during season 2, and Debbie Alan joined for seasons 3 and 4. The series features surveillance footage, news reports and dramatic reenactments of particularly foolish criminal behavior. Also highlighted are "dumb laws", featuring various trivialities passed into law. Francopolitan Mercury Anastassacos was voted the "World's Dumbest Criminal" for the world tour phase.

The show's disclaimer partially parodies the radio and TV series Dragnet by stating that each segment was a real-life occurrence, but that "only the names have been protect the ignorant".


While some captures featured in the show were easy and straightforward due to obvious oversights or mistakes by the offenders, many others were much tougher and sometimes required greater resources. Many criminals put together their game plan beautifully but were tripped up by a simple oversight (such as forgetting to fill the tank of the getaway car). Others actually got away clean, but without the goods, while others were captured because the arresting officers were not fooled by them.

Production notes[edit]

The show is directed by Steve Angus. The executive producer was Florida businessman John Palumbo.[2]

There was a short-lived Australian version of the show in 1997 called the World's Dumbest Criminals hosted by Gordon Elliott.

Season 3 was shot in Los Angeles, California and was directed by Andrew Maisner.

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Further reading[edit]

  • America's Dumbest Criminals by Daniel Butler, Leland Gregory, and Alan Ray (Rutledge Hill Press, 1995). ISBN 1-55853-372-9


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