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America's Got Talent
Season 4
Broadcast fromJune 23 –
September 16, 2009
JudgesPiers Morgan
Sharon Osbourne
David Hasselhoff
Host(s)Nick Cannon
Kevin Skinner
Kevin Skinner.jpg
Kevin Skinner
OriginMayfield, Kentucky
Genre(s)Country music
Bárbara Padilla

Season Four of America's Got Talent, an American talent show competition, began broadcasting in the United States during 2009, from June 23 to September 16. Following the previous season, Jerry Springer was forced to leave the program due to other commitments,[1] leading to him being replaced as host by Nick Cannon,[2] with no further changes being required, in regards to the judging panel; although there were rumours that Sharon Osbourne would be leaving,[3] these later proved unfounded.

Production staff replaced the bootcamp stage for the fourth season, replacing it with an audition round that used the same format used by Britain's Got Talent for selecting live round participants, entitled "Vegas Verdicts", while the Results of each live round were returned to airing a day later and within a one-hour timeslot, accompanied by a guest performance(s). This season featured unique moments that had different impacts on the competition for 2009 - Simon Cowell was forced to question some of the acts that were eliminated from auditions, leading to some of these being invited back as Wildcard acts in the quarter-finals, while the judges held no vote in one of the semi-finals due to having been undecided over two acts in another and opting to send both through.

The fourth season was won by Country singer Kevin Skinner, with opera singer Bárbara Padilla finishing in second, and percussion group Recycled Percussion placing third. During its broadcast, the season averaged around 11.9 million viewers, and was the first in the program's history to be aired in high definition.

Season Overview[edit]

Jerry Springer's departure after prior to this season, led to NBC appointing Nick Cannon as AGT's new host

Auditions for the fourth season's competition took place across Winter - mid-Spring 2009, with production staff expanding the audition sites to a greater number of cities. Filming for the audition episodes focused on those held within the cities of New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Tacoma, and Seattle; auditions were also held in Boston, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C., but production staff opted to not include these in the final edits of these episodes. Prior to auditions taking place, NBC received word from Jerry Springer that his work schedule for 2009 would make him unable to commit to hosting the program that year - alongside working on his talk show, he had also signed up to take part in summer theatre productions to help further his acting skills.[1] As a direct result, a search was made for a successor, with the network eventually recruiting Nick Cannon as his successor.[2] At the same time, rumours began circulating that amongst the judges, Sharon Osbourne was also set to leave the program, but we these were later proven to be unfounded when filming began.

Production staff decided to alter the program's format with regards to the second stage of auditions. The change was aimed at ditching the "bootcamp" format that had been used in the previous two seasons, in favour of using the format of selection process used in Britain's Got Talent, under the title of "Vegas Verdicts" - judges would now review the tapes of participants who had made successful auditions, to determine who would advance into the live rounds, dividing them up into groups to help with the debating between them, before bringing them back to learn if they had advanced or been eliminated from the competition; in some cases, some participants were required to do a second performance to help the judges make their decisions. However, in its first use within the fourth season, executive producer Simon Cowell was forced to question the judges on their decisions in this stage, voicing his concerns that "too much talent" had been eliminated. As a result, it prompted them to find and invite back a number of eliminated acts and appoint them as Wildcards for the quarter-finals. Apart from Cowell's intervention, this season also saw the judges' vote not function normally in the semi-finals - due to an inability to determine which two acts to advance into the final in the first semi-final, the judges opted to send both through, and held no vote on the second semi-final. The format for the buzzers in the live rounds was also altered to match that of the format more commonly used in other editions of the Got Talent franchise, in that if an act got buzzed by all the judges, they have to stop their performance rather than have a little more time to perform before ending their act.

Of the participants who auditioned for this season, 48 secured a place in the live quarter-finals, with twelve in each one - two of these were Wildcard acts chosen by the judges at Cowell's insistence, after they had been originally eliminated in the Vega Verdicts. Around 20 quarter-finalists advanced to and were split between the two semi-finals, with 10 of these securing a place in the live final - contrary to previous seasons, the final was not split into two rounds. The following below lists the results of each participant's overall performance in this season:

  Winner |   Runner-up |   Third place
  Finalist |   Semi-finalist (eliminated |   Quarter-finalist (eliminated)
Playing card club A.svg Quarter-final Wildcard (previously eliminated act reinstated into the live rounds by the judges)
Participant Age(s) 1 Genre Act From Quarter-Final Result
African High Flyers 24–35 Acrobatics Acrobats Orlando, Florida 4 Eliminated
Alizma 23,23,23 Singing / Music Singing Violinist triplets Las Vegas 2 Eliminated
Anthony & Matt (AM Project) 24,22 Dance / Music Tap dancer & Guitarist New York, New York 4 Eliminated
Arcadian Broad 13 Dance / Music Dancer & Pianist Orlando, Florida 1 Semi-finalist
Bárbara Padilla 36 Singing Opera singer Houston, Texas 4 Runner-up
Beale Street Flippers Playing card club A.svg 20–26 Acrobatics Flippers Memphis, Tennessee 2 Eliminated
Breaksk8 21–30 Dance Roller-skate dance troupe Kokomo, Indiana 1 Eliminated
BRI 17 Singing / Music Singer / Pianist Las Vegas 3 Eliminated
Carol Loo 63 Dance Dancer Jersey City, New Jersey 2 Eliminated
Charles DeWayne 21 Singing / Music Singer & Pianist La Verne, California 2 Eliminated (Lost Judges' Vote)
Coney Island Chris 42 Danger / Comedy Stunt comedian Naugatuck, Connecticut 4 Eliminated
David Johnson 30 Singing / Comedy Comedic singer Renton, Washington 3 Eliminated
Diva League Playing card club A.svg 20–44 Dance / Variety Drag dancers and Lip-synchers Washington, D.C. 1 Eliminated
Drew Stevyns Playing card club A.svg 26 Singing / Music Singer / Musician Sykesville, Maryland 4 Finalist
Drew Thomas Magic & Illusion 40 2 Magic Magician / Illusionist Orlando, Florida 1 Semi-finalist
Eleisha Miller 8 Singing / Music Singer and pianist Amarillo, Texas 2 Eliminated
EriAm Sisters 11,14,16 Singing Sister singing trio Seattle, Washington 4 Semi-finalist
Erik & Rickie 8,8 Dance Ballroom dancers Seattle, Washington 4 Semi-finalist
Fab Five 24-35 Dance / Variety Sister clogging dance troupe Morgan, Utah 2 Finalist
FootworKINGz 16-24 Dance Dance troupe Chicago, Illinois 3 Semi-finalist
G Force 11,9,8 Singing / Music Sister rock band Amherst, Ohio 3 Eliminated
Grandma Lee 75 Comedy Stand-up comedian Jacksonville, Florida 1 Finalist
Hairo Torres 23 Variety / Dance Contortionist/Breakdancer Grants Pass, Oregon 3 Finalist
Ishaara 18–23 Dance Bollywood dance troupe Berkeley, California 4 Eliminated
Jay Mattioli Playing card club A.svg 27 Magic Magician / Illusionist Manassas, Virginia 3 Eliminated
Jeffrey Ou 18 Music Classical Pianist Carrollton, Texas 3 Semi-finalist
Kevin Skinner 35 Singing / Music Singer / Musician Mayfield, Kentucky 1 Winner
Lake Houston Dance Playing card club A.svg 9–14 Dance The Lake Houston Performing Arts Center Dance troupe Houston, Texas 1 Eliminated
Lawrence Beamen 34 Singing Bass singer Walnut Creek, California 3 Finalist
Manuela Horn 36 Singing / Variety Yodeller & Singer Seattle, Washington 1 Eliminated
Marcus Terrell & The Serenades 22 Singing Singer Kansas City, Missouri 3 Eliminated
Mario & Jenny 34,33 Variety Jugglers Las Vegas 3 Semi-finalist
Mia Boostrom 16 Singing Singer North Dighton, Massachusetts 4 Eliminated (Lost Judges' Vote)
Mosaic 30–34 Singing Cappella Singing group Las Vegas 1 Eliminated
Pam Martin's Top Dog 54 Animal Dancing Dogs Garland, Texas 4 Eliminated
Paradizo Dance 37,29 Acrobatics Acrobatic performers Brooklyn, New York 2 Semi-finalist
Pete Peterkin 54 Comedy Impressionist Brooklyn, New York 2 Eliminated
Pixie Mystère 9–11 Variety / Dancing Contortionist dance troupe Cape May, New Jersey 3 Eliminated (Lost Judges' Vote)
Platt Brothers 22–27 Acrobatics / Comedy Trio comedic acrobats San Diego, California 1 Eliminated
Recycled Percussion 22–39 Music Junkyard percussion group Goffstown, New Hampshire 4 Third place
SQ Entertainment Playing card club A.svg 19–32 Dance Dance crew Boston, Massachusetts 2 Eliminated
Team Acrodunk 23-45 Acrobatics Acrobatic basketball dunkers Houston, Texas 1 Semi-finalist
The Lollipop Girls Playing card club A.svg 21–40 Dance / Variety Burlesque dance troupe San Diego, California 4 Eliminated
The Texas Tenors 34,35,44 Singing Country & Classical vocal group Houston, Texas 2 Finalist
The Voices of Glory 16,13,9 Singing Trio sibling singers Highland, New York 2 Finalist
Thia Megia 14 Singing Singer Redwood City, California 1 Eliminated (Lost Judges' Vote)
Tony Hoard & Rory 54 Animal Canine flying-disc thrower & catcher New Castle, Indiana 2 Semi-finalist
U4ria Dance Crew Playing card club A.svg 16–23 Dance Dance troupe Coral Springs, Florida 3 Eliminated
  • ^1 Ages denoted in this column pertain to a participant(s) age in their final performance for this season.
  • ^2 The ages of Thomas' assistants were not disclosed during the season's broadcast.

Quarter-final Summary[edit]

Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Buzzed Out | Crystal Clear app clean.svg Judges' choice
  Advanced to Semi-finals |   Won Judges' Vote |   Lost Judges' Vote

Quarter-final 1 (August 4)[edit]

Guest Performers, Results Show: Terry Fator and Mariah Carey

Quarter-Finalist Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Result (August 5)
Hasselhoff Osbourne Morgan
Breaksk8 1 Rollerskating dance troupe Eliminated
Thia Megia 2 Singer Crystal Clear app clean.svg Lost Judges' Vote
The Platt Brothers 3 Pantomimes, acrobats, dancers Eliminated
Diva League 4 Drag queens Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
Manuela Horn 5 Yodelling dominatrix & Singer Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
Grandma Lee 6 Standup comedian Advanced
Mosaic 7 Cappella singers Eliminated
Team Acrodunk 8 Acrobatic basketball dunkers Advanced
Arcadian Broad 9 Dancer Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg Won Judges' Vote
Drew Thomas Magic & Illusions 10 Magician Advanced
Kevin Skinner 11 Singer Advanced
Lake Houston Dance 12 Dance Troupe Eliminated

Quarter-final 2 (August 11)[edit]

Guest Performers, Results Show: LMFAO and Penn and Teller.

Quarter-Finalist Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Result (August 12)
Hasselhoff Osbourne Morgan
Fab Five 1 Clogging Dance troupe Advanced
Charles DeWayne 2 Singer Crystal Clear app clean.svg Lost Judges' Vote
Carol Loo 3 Dancer Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
Tony Hoard & Rory 4 Dog Frisbee-catching act Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Won Judges' Vote
Eleisha Miller 5 Singer/Dancer Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
Paradizo Dance 6 Acrobatic performers Advanced
The Texas Tenors 7 Country & Classical vocal group Advanced
SQ Entertainment 8 Dance crew Eliminated
Pete Peterkin 9 Impersonator 3 Eliminated
Alizma 10 Singing / Violin triplets Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
Beale Street Flippers 11 Flipping dance troupe Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
The Voices of Glory 12 Singing trio Advanced
  • ^3 Morgan jokingly buzzed Pete Peterkin after his performance, though it was not counted.

Quarter-final 3 (August 18)[edit]

Guest Performers, Results Show: Ashley Tisdale and Daughtry

Quarter-Finalist Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Result (August 19)
Hasselhoff Osbourne Morgan
FootworKINGz 1 Dance Troupe Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg Won Judges' Vote
Marcus Terrell and the Serenades 2 Singing group Eliminated
Pixie Mystère 3 Contortionist dancers Lost Judges' Vote
Jay Mattioli 4 Magician/Illusionist Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
BRI 5 Singer/Pianist Eliminated
U4RIA Dance Crew 6 Dance crew Eliminated
David Johnson 7 Comedic singer Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
Hairo Torres 8 Contortionist and break dancer Advanced
G-Force 9 Girl Rock Band Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
Jeffery Ou 10 Pianist Advanced
Mario & Jenny 11 Jugglers Advanced
Lawrence Beamen 12 Bass singer Advanced

Quarter-final 4 (August 25)[edit]

Guest Performer, Results Show: Reba McEntire

Quarter-Finalist Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Result (August 26)
Hasselhoff Osbourne Morgan
Ishaara 1 Bollywood Dance Troupe Eliminated
Bárbara Padilla 2 Singer Advanced
Pam Martin's Top Dogs 3 Dancing dogs Eliminated
African High Flyers 4 Acrobats Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
Mia Boostrom 5 Singer Crystal Clear app clean.svg Lost Judges' Vote
Erik & Rickie 6 Ballroom dancers Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg Won Judges' Vote
Coney Island Chris 7 Physical Comedian Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
Matt & Anthony 8 Guitarist and tap dancer Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
The Lollipop Girls 9 Burlesque dancers Eliminated
Drew Stevyns 10 Singer Advanced
Recycled Percussion 11 Percussion act Advanced
EriAm Sisters 12 Sister singing trio Advanced

Semi-final Summary[edit]

Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Buzzed |   Advanced

Semi-final 1 (September 1)[edit]

Guest Performers, Result Show: Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog,4 and David Hasselhoff

Semi-Finalist Order Act Buzzes Result (September 2)
Hasselhoff Osbourne Morgan
Team Acrodunk 1 Basketball dunkers Eliminated
The Texas Tenors 2 Vocal group Advanced
Paradizo Dance 3 Acrobatic performers Eliminated
Drew Thomas Magic & Illusions 4 Magician Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
Tony Hoard and Rory 5 Dog frisbee act Eliminated
The Voices of Glory 5 6 Singing trio Advanced
The Fab Five 5 7 Clogging dance troupe Advanced
Grandma Lee 8 Standup comedian Advanced
Arcadian Broad 9 Dancer Eliminated
Kevin Skinner 10 Singer / Guitarist Advanced
  • 4 Kermit was handled by Artie Esposito, as his usual puppeteer (at the time), Steve Whitmire, was unavailable.
  • 5 Both acts were advanced into the next stage, after the judges could not decide on who to vote for advancing further in the competition. This decision meant no judges' vote was held in the next semi-final.

Semi-final 2 (September 8)[edit]

Guest Performer, Results Show: Cast of muscial Jersey Boys.

Semi-Finalist Order Act Buzzes Result (September 9)
Hasselhoff Osbourne Morgan
Recycled Percussion 1 Percussion group Advanced
Lawrence Beamen 2 Bass singer Advanced
Erik and Rickie 3 Ballroom dancers Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
Jeffrey Ou 4 Pianist Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Elminated
Hairo Torres 5 Break dancer and contortionist Advanced
EriAm Sisters 6 Sister singing trio Eliminated
Mario and Jenny 7 Jugglers Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
Drew Stevyns 8 Singer Advanced
FootworKINGz 9 Dance Troupe Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
Bárbara Padilla 10 Singer Advanced

Final (September 14)[edit]

Guest Performers, Results Show: Thelma Houston, Shakira, Rascal Flatts, cast members of Cirque Du Soleil, Leona Lewis, and Susan Boyle.

  Winner |   Runner-up |   3rd place
Finalist Order Act Result (September 16)
The Voices of Glory 1 Trio sibling singers 5th
Hairo Torres 2 Contortionist dancer 8th
Lawrence Beamen 3 Bass singer 9th
Bárbara Padilla 4 Opera singer 2nd
Fab Five 5 Sister clogging dance troupe 6th
The Texas Tenors 6 Country & Classical Vocal Group 4th
Drew Stevyns 7 Singer & guitarist 10th
Grandma Lee 8 Stand-up comedian 7th
Kevin Skinner 9 Country singer 1st
Recycled Percussion 10 Junkyard percussionists 3rd


Order Episode Rating Share Rating/Share
Rank (night)
Rank (week)
1 "Auditions Episode 1" 6.8 12 3.3/10[4] 11.30 #1 #1
2 "Auditions Episode 2" 6.2 11 3.1/9[5] 10.39 #1 #3
3 "Auditions Episode 3" 7.5 13 3.7/11[6] 12.91 #1 #1
4 "Auditions Episode 4" 6.8 12 2.9/9 11.30 #2 #3
5 "Auditions Episode 5" 6.2 10 3/9[7] 10.43 #1 #2
6 "Auditions Episode 6" 6.9 12 3.3/10[8] 11.69 #1 #1
7 "Auditions Episode 7" 8 13 3.6/10[9] 13.17 #2 #2
8 "Auditions Episode 8" 6.9 12 2.9/9[10] 11.38 #1 #4
9 "Auditions Episode 9" 8.2 14 3.4/10[11] 13.75 #1 #1[12]
10 "Auditions Episode 10
Susan Boyle Interview"
6.6 11 2.5/7[13] 11.26 #1 #2[12]
11 "Vegas Verdicts (Part 1)" 7.7 13 3.4/10[14] 12.76 #1 #1
12 "Vegas Verdicts (Part 2)" 6.4 11 2.8/8[15] 10.90 #1 #2
13 "Quarterfinals, Group 1" 7.7 14 3.6/11[16] 12.97 #1 #1
14 "Quarterfinals, Group 1 Results" 6 10 2.9/9[17] 10.68 #1 #2
15 "Quarterfinals, Group 2" 7.6 13 3.4/10 12.48 #1 #1
16 "Quarterfinals, Group 2 Results" 6.9 12 2.9/9 11.42 #1 #4
17 "Quarterfinals, Group 3" 7 12 2.9/9[18] 11.59 #1 #2
18 "Quarterfinals, Group 3 Results" 6.4 11 2.4/7[19] 10.29 #1 #4
19 "Quarterfinals, Group 4" 6.9 12 3/8 11.42 #1 #1
20 "Quarterfinals, Group 4 Results" 6.7 11 2.9/8 10.87 #1 #2
21 "Semifinals, Group 1" 7.5 13 3.2/9[20] 12.81 #1 #1
22 "Semifinals, Group 1 Results" 7.4 12 2.6/8[21] 12.39 #1 #2
23 "Semifinals, Group 2 " 7.1 12 2.9/8[22] 12.03 #1 #5
24 "Semifinals, Group 2 Results" 6 9 2.1/5[23] 10.06 #1 #10
25 "Finals, Performances" 8.5 13 3.3/9[24] 13.84 #2 #3
26 "Finale" 9.5 16 3.5/10[25] 15.53 #1 #2


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