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America's Next Top Model (Cycle 3)
Cycle 3 cast
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 13
Original network UPN
Original release

September 22, 2004 (2004-09-22) – December 15, 2004 (2004-12-15)

Additional information
No. of contestants 14
Winner Eva Pigford
Season chronology
← Previous
Cycle 2
Next →
Cycle 4
Season summary

The third cycle of America's Next Top Model debuted on September 22, 2004 and was hosted by model Tyra Banks. It is widely considered a fan favorite of seasons for its portrayal of Tyra Banks as a meek persona; one with knowledge of the industry as well as maternal instincts towards the contestants. It was the first cycle to gain partnership with cosmetics magnate CoverGirl and ran weekly commercials during the show named Beauty Tip of the Week with Jay Manuel and Elsa Benitez as well as the CoverGirl of the Week contest.[citation needed] Also the cast was increased to 14 contestants. The season's catch-phrase was "Beauty In Progress".

The prizes for this cycle were:

The following prizes have been removed:

The international destinations during this cycle were Montego Bay, Jamaica (for one episode) and Tokyo, Japan, the show's first visit in Asia and across the International Date Line.

The winner was 19-year-old Eva Pigford from Los Angeles, California.

Episode summaries[edit]

The Girl With The Secret[edit]

First Air Date: September 22, 2004

The 34 semifinalists met in Los Angeles and had a pool party to celebrate making it to California. Memorable moments included Cassie telling the judges that she worked as a stripper, Norelle showing the judges that she had braces and telling them of her rebellious family, and Amanda receiving rave reviews from the judges about her eyes and revealing that she had retinitis pigmentosa, an eye disease which made her legally blind. Deciding to have a bit more fun, some of the girls trekked out to a local hot spot where semifinalist Tiffany Richardson got into a bar fight with a local. Tiffany got cut when the field was reduced down to 20 girls, but she successfully re-auditioned for Cycle 4. Meanwhile, Eva rubbed up most of the girls the wrong way after being far too abrasive and nasty, but Tyra managed to break down her tough exterior by asking Eva about her home-life and getting to the reason why she has built up this attitude.

Later on, the girls had one-on-one introductions with the judges and a cut was announced where 14 out of the 34 girls were eliminated, leaving a final 20. A second cut soon after eliminated 6 more girls and the final 14 were revealed.

The Girl Who Is Codependent[edit]

First Air Date: September 29, 2004

The final 14 arrived in New York City early morning and were flown to Montego Bay, Jamaica for their first photo shoot, where they were greeted by Jay Manuel and were told to pose in swimsuits against the backdrop of the Jamaican shoreline. Jay also told the girls that there was only room for 13 people to arrive back to New York and that one girl would be eliminated before the flight home.

The next day, the girls went to brunch and received an envelope containing the name of the first official ANTM Cycle 3 contestant to be eliminated from the competition. This was revealed to be Magdelena, thus eliminating her. This made Magdalena the first model who was eliminated outside of judging panel (this feat was followed by Hannah in Cycle 11, Rachel in Cycle 13, and Terra in Cycle 15) and the first girl to have no bottom two appearance (this feat was followed by Cassandra in Cycle 5, Cycle 6 runner-up Joanie, Cycle 8 winner Jaslene, both Kimberly and Anya (who became runner-up when Whitney won) in Cycle 10, both Hannah and McKey (who won) in Cycle 11, both Rachel and Nicole (who won) in Cycle 13, Cycle 14 winner Krista, Ondrei in Cycle 16, former runner-up in Britain's Next Top Model Cycle 3, Louise in Cycle 18, Maria in Cycle 19, Jourdan in Cycle 20 and Romeo in Cycle 21). Furthermore, Magdelena is also the first official ANTM contestant to not even be present at any official judging panel before her elimination took place.

  • Eliminated outside of judging panel: Magdalena Rivas

Back in New York City, the girls moved into their suite in the Waldorf-Astoria hotel. When Eva expressed contentment not sleeping in a room with Ann (after previously agreeing to do so), Ann claimed that she and Eva were growing apart. She told Eva that she loved her, that she'd be at her wedding and was hurt that she did not want to remain as close as they had been. It was this dramatic scene that sparked rumors that Ann might have a same-sex attraction to Eva or, at the very least, be extremely codependent. After a tour of New York and some quality time with Tyra, Jennipher, Yaya & Toccara were talking about Kelle, they said she was spoilt and snotty after she had said to Tyra that her mouth looked like a "monkey mouth". After Toccara revealed this to her, Kelle broke down but was comforted by Amanda, making her happy she had at least one friend.

The girls proceed to their first official judging and elimination panel, where the weak photos of Leah and Ann caused them to fall to the bottom two. Leah was said to be more "plain Jane" than a model and was therefore the second girl eliminated.

  • First call-out: Yaya DaCosta
  • Bottom two: Leah Darrow & Ann Markley
  • Eliminated: Leah Darrow
  • Featured photographer: Nick Cardallicio
  • Special guests: J. Alexander, Michelle Mock, Douglas Barcellos, Mathu Anderson, Danilo
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Eva Pigford

The Girl Everyone Thinks Is A Backstabber[edit]

First Air Date: October 6, 2004

During this episode, each girl was given a new look. Some makeovers were drastic - Jennipher was told that her waist-length hair would be cut and donated to Locks of Love, and Amanda was transformed from a brunette to an ice blonde.

At the challenge, Norelle managed to put together the best natural-looking make-up and picked Eva, Kristi & Ann to accompany her at a party while the other girls did the chores and waited on them. Amanda freaked out because of the darkness outside and Yaya took the trash out with her, while Julie bonded with an Indian designer. For the week's photo shoot, each contestant was challenged to take a beauty shot for Nivea, without any make-up.

Throughout the episode, the girls began to see signs that Cassie may have had problems with body image and her weight. The girls confronted her at dinner about not eating enough, but she insisted that she was simply doing what she must to be a model. During the photo shoot, she told Amanda that she was bulimic. The news spread around to the other girls, who became very concerned.

At judging, the girls reviewed the retouched and unretouched versions of their photos. Amanda wowed the judges when her unretouched photo showed barely any difference compared to her retouched one. Yaya, Eva, Nicole, and Toccara also received positive reviews, while Cassie had a lukewarm response. Kelle was criticized for blaming the photographer for picking a bad photo, and Tyra was disappointed with Julie after it was revealed that her motive for being on the show was not to launch a modeling career but rather to gain an edge in fashion manufacturing. Kelle and Julie landed in the bottom two, and Julie was eliminated because the judges felt she was only using modeling as a stepping stone to another avenue.

  • First call-out: Amanda Swafford
  • Bottom two: Julie Titus & Kelle Jacob
  • Eliminated: Julie Titus
  • Featured photographer: Troy Ward
  • Special guests: Kiara Kabukuru, Anthony Palermo, Leonard Zagami, Debra Jaliman M.D., Dr Zarabi, Danilo
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Yaya DaCosta

The Girl Who Sets A Trap[edit]

First Air Date: October 13, 2004

The remaining contestants got a lesson on runway walking from Miss J. The next day, they were surprised to know that they would be taking part in a fashion show for Heatherette which was a dream come true for Norelle because Heatherette was her favorite designer. Amanda was worried her night blindness would be her road to elimination because the runway was dark. Norelle stumbled on the runway, Eva stole the show with her remarkable runway walk and Toccara's sexy full figure stood out and she received the most applause but Eva believed Toccara got applause because her "titties were out". Amanda made a mistake by telling J. Alexander about her blindness and the girls thought she was exaggerating her blindness and was lying about it to get special treatment. But in the end Eva was chosen as the winner, and chose Kelle and Ann to share her reward which was a day on a yacht with America's Next Top Model, Cycle 2 winner Yoanna House.

Back in the house, Amanda's crystals (supposedly) went missing and she put the blame on Eva. This incident actually ignited a fight with Amanda, Ann, Jennipher & Eva after Amanda bumped into Eva by accident. Jennipher angrily pushed Ann out of the way. Ann warned Jennipher not to touch her again or she would "get knocked out"; however, Amanda later found her crystals after remembering that she hid them to prevent anyone from stealing them and later apologized to Eva for accusing her.

This week, the girls had a group photo shoot for Lee Jeans, wearing nothing but the product. During panel, the girls were challenged to walk in heels 2 sizes smaller and wear little pink dresses where only Toccara impressed the judges, while Jennipher got told off by the judges when she mooned them with "ANTM" written on her butt. Kristi and Jennipher were called forward as the bottom two but in the end, Kristi was sent home due to her lack of confidence and inability to hide her insecurities.

  • First call-out: Cassie Grisham
  • Bottom two: Jennipher Frost & Kristi Gromment
  • Eliminated: Kristi Gromment
  • Featured photographer: Hyungwan Roo
  • Special guests: J. Alexander, Yoanna House, Danilo, Richie Rich, Heatherette
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Yaya DaCosta

The Girl Who Cries When She Looks In The Mirror[edit]

First Air Date: October 20, 2004

The contestants got a lesson in posing from Janice Dickinson, and were challenged to pose as mannequins in lingerie at La Perla's store window. Kelle was chosen as the winner for her natural poses. Her prize was lingerie worth $5,000 and she chose Amanda and Toccara, who received lingerie worth of $1,500 and $500 respectively.

For the week's photo shoot, each contestant had to pose on roller skates to advertise Dooney & Bourke purses. Amanda, Nicole, Eva and Yaya impressed Jay Manuel with their creativity while Jennipher, Ann and Kelle struggled in the photo shoot.

At panel, Kelle was criticized for her lack of emotion in her photograph while Jennipher's insecurity put off the judges. They consequently landed in the bottom two for the second time. In the end, Jennipher's laid back attitude ultimately sent her home as she couldn't show her desire to be there.

  • First call-out: Amanda Swafford
  • Bottom two: Jennipher Frost & Kelle Jacob
  • Eliminated: Jennipher Frost
  • Featured photographer: Matthew Jordan Smith
  • Special guests: Simon Doonan, Savvas, Lanny Ward
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Toccara Jones

The Girl Who Mutilated The Precious Brownies[edit]

First Air Date: October 27, 2004

Back at the apartment, Eva and Ann got fed up with Cassie's dirty dishes around the house. Ann took a knife and wrote "Clean Your Shit" in Cassie's low-carb brownies, which angered Cassie. At dinner, Ann asked Yaya what her shirt meant ("RESPEITO"). Yaya said it meant respect in Portuguese. Then she said that she felt she needed to wear it because "there was a big lack of it in the house". With that, a fight broke out between Ann and Cassie. Tyra brought in her good friend supermodel turned plus-size model Kate Dillon Levin, who talked about her battle with anorexia nervosa, and talked to the contestants about body image and self-esteem. During a one-on-one chat with Tyra, Kate and Joy Bauer, Cassie revealed she had thrown up in the past but she didn't consider herself bulimic because she didn't throw up after each meal. She did it at night when she thought she ate too much and shouldn't have gone to bed with it in her stomach. Tyra offered counseling for Cassie but she denied that she had bulimia.

For the challenge, the girls climbed up 14 flights of stairs, and as soon as they were done, they had to do a photo shoot. Yaya was the winner for running the fastest up the stairs, while Ann came in a close second. Yaya chose Toccara and the two shared a spa day on the rooftop, while the rest of the girls had to walk back to the house.

For this week's photo shoot the girls posed for YJ Stinger Energy Drink while jumping on a trampoline. Amanda, Eva and Nicole were universally praised for their photos while Kelle, Ann, Cassie and Yaya struggled.

Kelle and Ann landed in the bottom two, both for their lackluster photos. The judges decided that Ann had more potential, and Kelle was eliminated in her third bottom two appearance making Kelle the second girl in ANTM history to have at least three bottom two appearances in the same cycle after Camille McDonald from the previous Cycle.

  • First call-out: Eva Pigford
  • Bottom two: Kelle Jacob & Ann Markley
  • Eliminated: Kelle Jacob
  • Featured photographer: Sascha Pflaeging, Che Graham
  • Special guests: Joy Bauer, Captain Leif Wade, Kate Dillon
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Toccara Jones

The Girl Who Forgot Her Shoes[edit]

First Air Date: November 3, 2004

In an earlier episode, Cassie had revealed to Amanda that she suffered from bulimia, and her secret had subsequently spread to all of the contestants as well as to Tyra. Tyra offered counseling to Cassie, but she refused help and denied that she had bulimia. The challenge for the girls was to go to the go-sees with all of the designers. Amanda forgot her shoes, so after her first go-see she, along with Cassie, Eva, Toccara, and Ann went to a shoe store. Because of this, the girls, with the exception of Yaya, Nicole, and Norelle, were 20 minutes late to their second go-see. Cassie and Norelle struggled with their walk. It was Yaya who impressed most of the designers. Yaya was chosen as the winner of the go-see challenge and she picked Nicole to share in a prize of a rack of clothes from each of the designers on their go-sees.

Model Alter-Egos
Amanda Catwoman
Ann Darkness
Cassie Knightress
Eva Diva
Nicole Dominatrix
Norelle Amazon woman
Toccara Noblewoman
Yaya Ghost

Toccara was in the bottom two, due to her questionable place in the fashion industry, and Cassie for her seemingly lack of drive and lackluster performance in a photo shoot for Ford Mustang automobiles, in which each contestant posed twice to represent dual identities in their respective characters, The judges argued over who to save, Toccara or Cassie. After a heated debate the judges felt that Toccara wanted to be there more and Cassie was sent home.

The Girl Who Is Panic-Stricken[edit]

First Air Date: November 10, 2004

This episode opened with an emotional Tyra and her mother discussing Cassie's elimination, saying she regretted not being able to help her. The girls got fashion advice from stylist Rebecca Weinberg. Afterwards, they were taken to Century 21, a department store, to find a fashionable outfit to wear. When the girls were finished, they were dropped off at a secret location that turned out to be an impromptu red carpet, where Yaya won the red-carpet challenge for giving the best interview and picked Norelle to share her prize of a dinner for two.

Their next photo shoot required them to pose wearing Verragio diamonds with a live tarantula, which scared Eva. At elimination, Yaya defended herself when Rebecca said that Yaya wanted to prove her "African-ness". Despite being petrified of the spider, Eva pulled off a phenomenal photo. The judges felt that Amanda, Nicole and Yaya shone in the photo shoot, while Ann, Toccara and Norelle struggled. In a shocking elimination, Toccara was eliminated because the judges felt the vibrant personality she needed to succeed in the industry was dwindling and that she checked herself out of the competition. Several years later, in Cycle 16, Tyra revealed that she had not wanted to send home Toccara, but was outnumbered by the other judges. Ann is the third girl to appear in the bottom two three times and the first girl in ANTM history to survive a bottom two appearance for the third time round. This feat was followed by Bre Scullark over Kim Stolz second bottom two appearance in Cycle 5, Jade Cole over Brooke Staricha's second bottom two appearance in Cycle 6, Jaeda Young-Englund over A.J. Stewart's first ever bottom two appearance in Cycle 7, Natasha Galkina over Renee Alway's first ever bottom two appearance in Cycle 8, Whitney Thompson (who won) over Katarzyna Dolinska's first ever bottom two appearance in Cycle 10, Fatima Siad over Dominique Reighard's second bottom two appearance in Cycle 10, Samantha Potter over Analeigh Tipton's second bottom two appearance in Cycle 11, Aminat Ayinde over Celia Ammerman's third bottom two appearance in Cycle 12, Erin Wagner over Sundai Love's second bottom two appearance in Cycle 13, Angelea Preston over Alexandria Everett's third bottom two appearance in Cycle 17: All Stars and Alisha White over Catherine Thomas's second bottom two appearance in Cycle 18: British Invasion.

  • First call-out: Nicole Borud
  • Bottom two: Toccara Jones & Ann Markley
  • Eliminated: Toccara Jones
  • Featured photographer: Bill Diodato
  • Special guests: Paul Wilmot, Hampton Carney, Sarah Pyper, Rebecca Weinberg
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Toccara Jones

The Girls Meet Taye Diggs[edit]

First Air Date: November 17, 2004

The remaining girls had an acting lesson with Taye Diggs. When it came time for Taye to tell the girls how they did, he forgot Nicole. Then Tyra came out and announced that the girls would be flying to Tokyo for the remainder of the competition. As Yaya won the challenge, she picked Amanda to fly first class with her while the other girls rode in coach. Instead of a photo shoot, the contestants filmed a Campbell's soup commercial speaking Japanese, in which Eva struggled, while Ann got it right from the get-go. An upset Eva then joked to Norelle that she hoped the weaker models in the competition do bad as well, which upset Ann as she believed this referred to herself and Norelle.

During the judging test, the girls were required to read a commercial and eat umeboshi, a very salty and sour pickled fruit that the contestants reacted adversely to. Yaya showed a bad attitude after spitting the product out in front of the judges, which landed her in the bottom two. Tyra also forgot Nicole while reviewing the performances of the models and in the end, Nicole was eliminated for never standing out in the competition,despite having one of the strongest portfolios.

  • First call-out: Ann Markley
  • Bottom two: Nicole Borud & Yaya DaCosta
  • Eliminated: Nicole Borud
  • Featured commercial director: Zente Yoshie
  • Special guests: Taye Diggs, Sande Shurin, Toko Niwa
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Eva Pigford

The Girl Who Goes Ballistic[edit]

First Air Date: November 24, 2004

This was the recap episode of the cycle including Cassie's tearful confession when she told her mother that she was a stripper, Yaya going ballistic and Eva & Yaya's catfight.

  • CoverGirl of the Week: Eva Pigford

The Girl The Lionesses Are Hunting[edit]

First Air Date: December 1, 2004

For their challenge the girls learned and then were tested on their knowledge about the Tea Ceremony. Yaya won her fifth consecutive challenge and picked Amanda to go to a hot spring. The girls later ganged up on Eva after a comment she made about Norelle out of frustration in the previous episode. Eva later apologized to Norelle who still loved her despite what she said. The photo shoot this week was for T-Mobile; the girls had to pose with a cell phone as geishas in kimonos where Tyra posed for the girls. Eva, Amanda and Norelle shone while Ann and Yaya struggled. At panel, Tyra became disappointed in Eva as she brought her cooped emotions to panel. Norelle's poor presence and Ann's mediocre photo landed them in the bottom two. Tyra told Ann that she looked strong in person but poor in film and told the opposite to Norelle. However, in a somewhat surprising elimination, Norelle was eliminated in her first ever bottom two appearance despite having a better photo. Ann made history in America's Next Top Model by surviving the bottom two four times throughout the competition. This feat was followed by Bre Scullark over Jayla Rubinelli's third bottom two appearance in Cycle 5, Jade Cole over Furonda Brasfield's third bottom two appearance in Cycle 6, Whitney Thompson (who won) over Fatima Siad's fourth bottom two appearance in Cycle 10, Angelea Preston (who was disqualified) over Dominique Reighard's first ever bottom two appearance in Cycle 17: All Stars and Alisha White (who quit the show right after she was saved) over Eboni Davis's third bottom two appearance in Cycle 18: British Invasion.

  • First call-out: Amanda Swafford
  • Bottom two: Norelle Van Herk & Ann Markley
  • Eliminated: Norelle Van Herk
  • Featured photographer: Amiko
  • Special guests: Toko Niwa, Kuineo Koike, Yoko Takahashi, Kyoko Higa
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Eva Pigford

The Girl Who Didn't Hug Goodbye[edit]

First Air Date: December 8, 2004

Tension between Eva and Ann had escalated more after what Eva said to Norelle last week. The challenge consisted of go sees while still having Japanese street fashion. Ann and Eva worked together to get their way around Tokyo. Yaya arrived late for the challenge. Eva won and she picked Ann to try to fix their argument and had breakfast with the owner of Mikimoto, and they received pearls. The girls photoshoot was on a motorcycle with an anime-inspired look. Amanda and Yaya engaged while Eva and Ann struggled.

The day before judging, Tyra and her mother Carolyn stopped by at the house for one-on-one talk with the girls. For their judging test, the girls were to incorporate Japanese Street Fashion:Lolita fashion into their personal style. All girls failed to impress, but it was Ann who did the worst. At judging, the judges expressed disappointment for Ann's continual struggle to translate her natural beauty into film, even asking about her inspirations in life (in which she answered nothing). Eva's photo was also deemed lackluster. During deliberations, Ann threw a tantrum for still not doing well in the competition, causing another feud with Eva. Before handing their photos, Tyra showed disappointment for all four girls having not progressed enough as they should. Ann and Eva's mediocre photos landed them in the bottom two. But after a record of five appearances in the bottom two (Bre Scullark from Cycle 5 and Jade Cole from Cycle 6 also hold this record) for the same reason, Ann was ultimately eliminated especially over Eva, who was appearing in the bottom two for the first time. Upon her elimination, a still-angry Ann hugged Yaya and Amanda, but not Eva.

  • First call-out: Amanda Swafford
  • Bottom two: Ann Markley & Eva Pigford
  • Eliminated: Ann Markley
  • Featured photographer: Takashi Miesaki
  • Special guests: J. Alexander, Toyohiko Mikimoto, Sawa Vaughters, Carolyn London
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Eva Pigford

The Girl Who Wins It All[edit]

First Air Date: December 15, 2004

Amanda, Eva, and Yaya went head-on in a final CoverGirl photo shoot. At panel, the judges had trouble deciding who to eliminate, as all three girls were showered with praise for their great photographs, taking back what they have said last week about the girls not improving enough. After deliberation, Tyra congratulated the final three for lasting this far in the competition despite being the shortest girls of the cycle. Yaya was called first, leaving Eva and Amanda in the bottom two. Tyra told Amanda that she lacked the vibrant personality and commercial ability of Eva, and Eva was told that she lacked the high fashion ability and model features of Amanda. In a tough elimination, Tyra handed the last photo to Eva, sending Amanda home in her first bottom two appearance.

  • First call-out: Yaya DaCosta
  • Bottom two: Amanda Swafford & Eva Pigford
  • Eliminated: Amanda Swafford
  • Featured photographer: Shu Scenzu

Eva and Yaya then walked down the runway in a Noriko Fukushima fashion show and then went to panel for the last time and the judges commented on how they did in the fashion show and looked over their portfolios. During deliberation, the judges were torn between Yaya's overall refinement yet lacking her likability and Eva's significant improvements yet lacking her high fashion ability.

The girls were called back, and Eva was hailed as the third winner of America's Next Top Model.

  • Final two: Eva Pigford & Yaya DaCosta
  • America's Next Top Model: Eva Pigford
  • Special guests: J. Alexander, Noriko Fukushima
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Eva Pigford[1]

What The Divas Are Doing Now[edit]

First aired March 1, 2005

This special episode focuses on the girls post show.

  • Ann walks for Mark Bouwer with Eva and Yaya at fashion week, and was contacted by Elite Model Management
  • Amanda goes to NYC to meet agents but struggles with the fact she misses her son, she has many test shots and print works for Storm Model Management.
  • Yaya is a part-time teacher, doing some photoshoots and guest-starring on Eve.
  • Kristi reenacts Sex and the City for In Touch Weekly with Mercedes Scelba-Shorte, Shandi Sullivan and Catie Anderson from cycle 2, and is a play director.
  • Jennipher doesn't want to keep living in her hometown, so she moved to New York City.
  • Nicole is now an actress.
  • Cassie still struggles with her "larger" hip but decides to lose weight the healthy way.
  • Toccara, self-proclaimed America's Next Plus-Size Model poses for Ashley Stewart and guest-stars on All of Us & has been the first black plus size model to be in the cover of Italian Vogue.
  • Magdalena is using her few seconds of fame to get into the industry.
  • Julie has begun an internship at a modeling factory.
  • Leah also posed for FHM in order to break her soccer mom image; but later quit modelling and now a global speaker/evangelist of the Catholic Church.
  • Norelle who has been signed by her biggest fan, the head of Nous Model, is quite successful in Asia.
  • Kelle has gone back to her art gallery and modeled for Source magazine.
  • Eva's journey is highlighted, including her first meeting with Ford Models, then with CoverGirl as well as her guest-starring on Kevin Hill where she gets to kiss Taye Diggs
  • Special guests: Neil Hamil, Elaine Markley (Ann's mom), Ruby Swafford (Amanda's grandma), Lynn Swafford (Amanda's dad), Orundun Johnson (Yaya's mom), Awolowo Johnson (Yaya's dad), Anne Martin, CJ Clayborne (Cassie's boyfriend), Toni Rutledge (Toccara's mom), Michelle Pigford (Eva's mom), Milan Cheylov, Kenya Knight, Skipper (Norelle's mom), Mary Pegues (Kelle's mom)


Source:[2] Ages stated are at time of competition.

Contestant Age Height Hometown Outcome
Magdalena Rivas 24 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in) Worcester, Massachusetts Eliminated outside of judging panel in Episode 2
Leah Darrow 24 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Eliminated in Episode 2
Julie Titus 20 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Kent, Washington Eliminated in Episode 3
Laura "Kristi" Gromment 20 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) St. Louis, Missouri Eliminated in Episode 4
Jennipher Frost 22 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Pocatello, Idaho Eliminated in Episode 5
Kelle Jacob 19 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in) New York City, New York Eliminated in Episode 6
Cassie Grisham 19 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Norman, Oklahoma Eliminated in Episode 7
Toccara Jones 23 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Dayton, Ohio Eliminated in Episode 8
Nicole Borud 21 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Minot, North Dakota Eliminated in Episode 9
Norelle Van Herk 19 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in) Newport Beach, California Eliminated in Episode 11
Ann Markley 21 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in) Erie, Pennsylvania Eliminated in Episode 12
Amanda Swafford 25 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) Hendersonville, North Carolina Eliminated in Episode 13
Camara "Yaya" DaCosta 21 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) Harlem, New York Runner-up
Eva Pigford 19 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in) Los Angeles, California Winner


Call-out order[edit]

Tyra's call-out order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 13
1 Ann Yaya Amanda Cassie Amanda Eva Eva Nicole Ann Amanda Amanda Yaya Eva
2 Leah Kristi Nicole Ann Yaya Amanda Ann Eva Eva Yaya Yaya Eva Yaya
3 Kelle Julie Eva Nicole Norelle Nicole Yaya Amanda Norelle Eva Eva Amanda
4 Cassie Jennipher Yaya Toccara Eva Yaya Norelle Yaya Amanda Ann Ann
5 Yaya Kelle Toccara Eva Nicole Toccara Amanda Norelle Yaya Norelle
6 Kristi Cassie Jennipher Amanda Toccara Norelle Nicole Ann Nicole
7 Julie Toccara Cassie Norelle Ann Cassie Toccara Toccara
8 Magdalena Nicole Norelle Yaya Cassie Ann Cassie
9 Nicole Eva Ann Kelle Kelle Kelle
10 Amanda Norelle Kristi Jennipher Jennipher
11 Norelle Amanda Kelle Kristi
12 Toccara Ann Julie
13 Jennipher Leah
14 Eva Magdalena
     The contestant was eliminated outside of judging panel
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 1, the field of 34 girls was reduced to 14 that would move on to the actual competition. This first-callout does not reflect their performance that first week.
  • In episode 2, Magdalena was eliminated outside of the judging panel due to her poor performance at the photo shoot, and therefore took no part at panel. After the call-out ceremony, Leah was eliminated when Ann survived her first bottom two appearance.
  • In episode 4, the call-out order was changed by editing; Toccara and Nicole were swapped.
  • Episode 10 was the recap episode.

Photo Shoot Guide[edit]

  • Episode 2 photo shoot: Swimsuits on the beaches of Jamaica
  • Episode 3 photo shoot: Nivea beauty shots
  • Episode 4 photo shoot: Lee Jeans topless group shot
  • Episode 5 photo shoot: Dooney & Bourke purses on roller skates
  • Episode 6 photo shoot: YJ Stinger energy drink on a trampoline
  • Episode 7 photo shoot: Alter-Ego with Ford Mustang
  • Episode 8 photo shoot: Verragio diamonds beauty shot with a tarantula
  • Episode 9 Commercial: Japanese Campbell select soups Commercial
  • Episode 11 photo shoot: Geishas in kimonos for T-Mobile phone
  • Episode 12 photo shoot: Harajuku-inspired motorcyclists
  • Episode 13 photo shoot: Covergirl wet slicks crystals ad

Other Cast Members[edit]

  • Jay Manuel - Photo Director
  • J. Alexander - Runway Coach
  • Mathu Anderson - Make-Up Artist
  • Danilo - Hairstylist


  • Amanda - Ice blonde extensions
  • Ann - Platinum blonde highlights
  • Cassie - Curls added and a brightened
  • Eva - Spiked with honey blonde highlights
  • Jennipher - Dyed blonde with bleached eyebrows
  • Julie - Layered hair
  • Kelle - Long wavy extensions
  • Kristi - Long bangs added
  • Nicole - Cut short with bangs and dyed fire-engine red, ala Lucille Ball
  • Norelle - Darkened shag and braces removed
  • Toccara - Coffee brown volumized extensions
  • Yaya - Braids removed and face treated for acne

Post Top Model Careers[edit]

  • Nicole Borud did some test shots and has pursued acting.
  • Yaya DaCosta has worked in Ford Models and Models 1, was featured in a few magazines and catalogues[3] and has turned to acting, including the female lead role in the movie Take the Lead with Antonio Bandaras, a brief stint on All My Children. She has also appeared in season 4 of Ugly Betty as Nico Slater, the 2010 Academy Award nominated film The Kids Are All Right. In 2015, she starred in the Lifetime biopic movie Whitney (film) portraying the late R&B/Popstar Whitney Houston.
  • Amanda Swafford has been signed with Storm Model Management and has appeared on the covers of Bliss for Bride Magazine and Access Magazine, and has modelled for Levi's Jeans, Felt It! Stitch It! Fabulous! and WEBS. Due to her Retinitis pigmentosa, she has since gone completely blind.
  • Julie Titus has not pursued modeling, but has done a few test shots.
  • Norelle Van Herk had modelled in Asia but has since left the industry to finish her education.


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