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America's Next Top Model (cycle 7)
Cycle 7 cast
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 13
Original network The CW
Original release

September 20 (2006-09-20) – December 6, 2006 (2006-12-06)

Additional information
No. of contestants 13
Winner CariDee English
Cycle chronology
← Previous
Cycle 6
Next →
Cycle 8
Season summary

The seventh cycle of America's Next Top Model started airing on September 20, 2006 as the first to be aired on The CW network. The season's catch-phrase is "The Competition Won't Be Pretty." The season's promotional theme song is "Hot Stuff (I Want You Back)" by Pussycat Dolls.

To date, this cycle is the most watched season in The CW, averaging 5.13 million viewers per episode. In addition, a new opening was made, different from the last three cycles. J.Manuel also was added to the final judging panel, for a total of five judges deciding on the winner.

The prizes for this were:

The following prizes have been removed:

  • A modeling contract with Ford Models.
  • A fashion spread and cover in Elle.

The international destination during this cycle was Barcelona, Spain.

The winner was 21-year-old CariDee English from Fargo, North Dakota.


(ages stated are at time of contest)[1]

Contestant Age Hometown Finish Place
Christian Evans[2] 19 Columbia, South Carolina Episode 2 13
Megan Morris[3] 23 San Francisco, California Episode 3 12
Monique Calhoun[4] 19 Chicago, Illinois Episode 4 11
Megg Morales[5] 18 Los Angeles, California Episode 5 10
A.J. Stewart[6] 20 Sacramento, California Episode 6 9
Brooke Miller[7] 18 Keller, Texas Episode 7 8
Anchal Joseph[8] 19 Homestead, Florida Episode 9 7
Jaeda Young[9] 18 Parkersburg, Iowa Episode 10 6
Michelle Babin[10]1 18 Anaheim, California Episode 11 5
Amanda Babin[11]1 18 Anaheim, California Episode 12 4
Eugena Washington[12] 21 Palmdale, California Episode 13 3
Melrose Bickerstaff[13] 23 San Francisco, California 2
CariDee English[14] 21 Fargo, North Dakota 1

^1 Amanda and Michelle Babin are identical twins; however, they competed individually.


The Girl Who Marks Her Territory[edit]

First aired September 20, 2006

  • Featured photographers: Oliver Bronson, Dylan Don
  • Special guests: Collin Pulsipher, Jonny Day, Ward Robinson, Sean Murphy, The Aswirl Twins

The Girl Who Hates Her Hair[edit]

First aired September 27, 2006

  • Featured photographer: Tracy Bayne
  • Special guests: Frederic Fekkai, Queen Latifah, Roxanna Floyd, Mr. Little, Lisa B., Weavin' Steven
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Anchal Joseph

The Girl Who Goes To Texas[edit]

First aired October 4, 2006

  • Featured photographer: Charlie Altuna
  • Special guests: Dennis Quaid, Bre Scullark, Emiliano Moreno, Rebecca Epley, Coryn Woitel, April Wilkner, Shannon Stewart, Mercedes Scelba-Shorte, Brittany Brower, Camille McDonald
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Anchal Joseph

The Girl Who Joined the Circus[edit]

First aired October 11, 2006

  • Featured photographer: Mike Rosenthal
  • Special guests: Bao Tranchi, Stacey McKenzie, Jonathan Nosan, Erica Courtney, Atoosa Rubenstein
  • CoverGirl of the Week: AJ Stewart

The Girl Who Punk'd Ashton[edit]

First aired October 18, 2006

The Girl Who Graduates[edit]

First aired October 25, 2006

  • Featured photographers: Jeffrey Jones, Tyra Banks (B&W photoshoot), Randee St. Nicholas (Fabio photoshoot)
  • Special guests: Fabio, Dita von Teese, Kylie Bax, Atoosa Rubenstein, Beau Quillian, Cathy Gould, Elyssa Traub
  • CoverGirl of the Week: CariDee English

The Girls Who Made It This Far[edit]

First aired November 1, 2006

  • Special guests: Charlie Altuna, Sutan, Shirley Archer, Frederic Fekkai

The Girl Who Wrecks the Car[edit]

First aired November 8, 2006

The Girl Who Breaks Down[edit]

First aired November 15, 2006

  • Featured commercial director: Denis Rovira
  • Special guests: Tasha Smith, Lee Norris
  • CoverGirl of the Week: CariDee English

The Girl Who Sticks Her Foot In Her Mouth[edit]

First aired November 22, 2006

  • Featured photographer: Nigel Barker
  • Special guests: Pancho Saula, Julie Cher, Susana Castano, Jorge Paulo de Oliveira Terra, Victoriano Simon, Julie Sohn
  • CoverGirl of the Week: CariDee English

The Girl Who Grates[edit]

First aired November 29, 2006

  • Featured photographer: David Ruiz
  • Special guests: Nacho Blancho, Naama Hernandez Ruiz
  • CoverGirl of the Week: CariDee English

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model[edit]

First aired December 6, 2006

  • Featured photographers: Jim De Yonker (first part), George Holz (second part)
  • Special guests: Dani Evans, Victorio & Lucchino, Atoosa Rubenstein, Beau Quillian, Michelle Callahan


Call-out order[edit]

Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13
1 Melrose Michelle Melrose A.J. CariDee Brooke Amanda CariDee Melrose Eugena Melrose CariDee CariDee
2 Jaeda CariDee Anchal Jaeda Eugena Melrose CariDee Melrose Eugena Melrose Eugena Melrose Melrose
3 Michelle A.J. Amanda Brooke A.J. Amanda Anchal Jaeda Amanda CariDee CariDee Eugena
4 Eugena Megan Michelle Anchal Melrose CariDee Melrose Amanda Michelle Amanda Amanda
5 Brooke Anchal A.J. Michelle Michelle Michelle Jaeda Eugena CariDee Michelle
6 Anchal Megg CariDee Melrose Anchal Eugena Michelle Michelle Jaeda
7 A.J. Monique Brooke Megg Amanda Anchal Eugena Anchal
8 Christian Amanda Eugena Amanda Brooke Jaeda Brooke
9 Megg Jaeda Megg CariDee Jaeda A.J.
10 Megan Eugena Monique Eugena Megg
11 CariDee Brooke Jaeda Monique
12 Amanda Melrose Megan
13 Monique Christian
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 1, the pool of 21 girls was reduced to 13 who moved on to the main competition. However, this first call-out does not reflect their performance that first week.
  • In episode 4, Monique did not participate in the photo shoot and was eliminated anyway.
  • Episode 8 was the recap episode.

Photo Shoot Guide[edit]

  • Episode 1 photo shoot: Rooftop nude shot (casting)
  • Episode 2 photo shoot: Model stereotypes
  • Episode 3 photo shoot: Hair Wars
  • Episode 4 photo shoot: Runway on water
  • Episode 5 photo shoot: Circus characters
  • Episode 6 photo shoot: Portraying famous celebrity couples
  • Episode 7 photo shoots: Romance novels with Fabio; Black & white scary/sexy beauty shots
  • Episode 9 photo shoot: CoverGirl TruBlend whipped foundation in outer space
  • Episode 10 commercial: Secret Deodorant commercial in Catalan
  • Episode 11 photo shoot: Spanish bullfighters
  • Episode 12 photo shoot: Floating water nymphs in pairs
  • Episode 13 photo shoots & Commercial: CoverGirl Outlast Double Lip Shine commercial & print ad; Seventeen Magazine covers

Other Cast Members[edit]

  • Jay Manuel – Photo Director
  • Sutan – Make-up Artist
  • Christian Marc – Hair Stylist
  • Anda & Masha – Wardrobe


  • A.J.Linda Evangelista inspired cropped hair
  • Amanda – Straightened and dyed fiery red
  • Anchal – Layered hair with adjusted hairline
  • Brooke – Dyed chocolate brown
  • CariDee – Wavy blonde extensions
  • Eugena – Lusicous wavy weave
  • JaedaHalle Berry inspired pixie cut and dyed darker
  • Megan – Bleached platinum blonde
  • Megg – Wild curly extensions
  • Melrose – Platinum blonde
  • Michelle – Dyed flame orange
  • Monique – Weave removed and Tyra Banks inspired curly weave added

Post-Top Model careers[edit]

  • Amanda and Michelle Babin, who had been represented by L.A Models prior to the show, have continued modeling. They appeared in cycle 8, posing for photographs with contestant Brittany Hatch. They were featured in an editorial in the December 2006 issue of Seventeen. They have also recently modeled in Milan. They later appeared in episode one of cycle 10. They also appeared in the thriller flick, From Within and in a song "Don't Listen To Him," sung by Leila Avila.
  • Melrose Bickerstaff is currently signed with Lenni's Model Management in London, has done ads for Scoop NYC, Jack Rabbit Belts, and the Beau Soleil Fall 2007 Collection, and walked the runway at London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2008 for designer Aminika Wilmot. She was previously signed to Bleu Model Management and L.A. Models, as well as Storm Model Management in late 2007.
  • CariDee English has collected all of her prizes. She is also working with the Psoriasis Foundation and has been featured in several magazines, fashion shows and campaigns. She continued to be signed with Elite Model Management but is now represented by The Suchin Company. In March 2009, she began hosting Pretty Wicked, a reality show for the Oxygen network that seeks to find inner beauty in ten bad girls. CariDee is pursuing a music career alongside her modeling career. She is currently signed with First Option Model Agency in Dublin.[15] She starred in a commercial for Stelara.[16]
  • Christian Evans signed with Elite Model Management in Atlanta, runway division.
  • Monique Calhoun has modeled in Tokyo and was signed with L.A. Models and Code Model Management. She is now signed with Heffner Management under the name 'Monique Stateena'.
  • Anchal Joseph has modeled in Miami and Morocco, booked magazine editorials in ZOOM, French VOGUE with Bruce Weber, ELLE Singapore, Night, and Artemis. In addition to that she has booked campaigns for SOFI Swimwear and Eva Danielle NYC as well as shows for FUNKSHION Miami Fashion Week. She is represented by Manny Roman and is signed with Mars Model Management, and Roman Management.[17]
  • Brooke Miller has graduated from University of Texas at Austin, and has taken test shots.
  • Megg Morales was signed with Red Model Management and did some print work and has gotten a showcard for Fashion Week SS09. She is now a Model/Artist living in Berlin, Germany. Megg is still involved in the fashion scene internationally, She is self managed from Berlin/ Europe, She also is a performance artist, and is a singer in a two piece band called "S0S0SAI". Megg's Artist name is RecklessRedemption.
  • Megan Morris has been signed with NEXT Model Management.
  • A.J. Stewart has modeled in Hong Kong, Tokyo and South Korea.
  • Eugena Washington has walked the runway in shows for L.A. Fashion Week, including Anthony Franco and Kevan Hall. She has also modeled for Southpole. She had her own billboard in Times Square, appeared in ads for Wal-Mart, and can be seen in TJ Maxx's "Maxxinista" commercial. She made an appearance in the music video Nothing On You by B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars. She is signed with Elite Model Management and appeared in cycle 11 Top Model's in Action. She also made an appearance in the tenth season of Hell's Kitchen as a model walking on a runway. In 2015, Eugena became a Playboy Playmate and later became the 2016 Playboy Playmate of the Year.
  • Jaeda Young has finished her education and got married. She now goes by the name Jaeda Young-Englund.[18]


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