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From based on 2012c data
Data from the file ""
of the tz database
Country code
(ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
(ISO 6709)
Comments Eastern Time - Quebec - most locations
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(ISO 8601)
UTC offset DST
(ISO 8601)
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America/Montreal is a time zone identifier in the IANA time zone database. The data is as follows:

Eastern Time - Quebec - most locations

The reference point is Montreal, Quebec in Canada.

Covered area[edit]

The covered area is most of Quebec.

Relation to America/Toronto[edit]

On the 2013e release of the tz database, America/Montreal was one of the zones removed from, but it is still available in the northamerica file. It was because the group maintaining the database "incorrectly thought that Montreal differed from Toronto in the early 1970s".[1] The database primarily define zones that differ after 1970 (Unix time epoch), yet people might want to obtain Montreal's pre-1970 time changes, and linking America/Montreal to America/Toronto is not completely accurate. Thus, the decision was to keep this entry, pending a mechanism to winnow out zones like this to a new category.[1]


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