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From based on 2012c data
Data from the file ""
of the tz database
Country code
(ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
(ISO 6709)
Comments US Mountain Time - Chihuahua near US border
Other data from tz database
UTC offset
(ISO 8601)
UTC offset DST
(ISO 8601)
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America/Ojinaga is a time zone identifier from the zone file of the IANA time zone database. The data is as follows:

US Mountain Time - Chihuahua near US border

The reference point is Ojinaga.

Covered area[edit]

The covered area includes municipalities in the Mexican state of Chihuahua that border the United States. Although the reference point is Ojinaga, the largest city in the covered area is Ciudad Juárez.

It was split off from America/Chihuahua in 2010. When the U.S. extended daylight saving time by several weeks in 2007, Mexico did not follow suit. Beginning in 2010, border communities were allowed to adopt U.S. DST rules if they wished, and the border communities in Chihuahua did so.[1]

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