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From based on 2012c data
Data from the file ""
of the tz database
Country code
(ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
(ISO 6709)
Comments Pacific Time - west British Columbia
Other data from tz database
UTC offset
(ISO 8601)
UTC offset DST
(ISO 8601)
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America/Vancouver is a time zone identifier from zone file of the IANA time zone database. The data is as follows:

Pacific Time - west British Columbia

The reference point is Vancouver.

Covered area[edit]

The covered area is the British Columbia region using Pacific Time with daylight saving time. Areas of British Columbia not observing DST are served by the America/Creston, America/Dawson_Creek, and America/Edmonton entries.

Some users in Pacific Time areas in Northwest United States use it in lieu of America/Los_Angeles, which is the correct time zone for that area, due to its closer geographic and cultural proximity. Tools and guides, such as Ubuntu Help[1] sometimes advise users setting their time zone to "use the closest city". [2][3][4]

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