America Abroad

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America Abroad
Genre News: Global news, analysis, interviews, discussion
Country United States
Language(s) English
Syndicates PRI Public Radio International
Host(s) Madeleine Brand
Audio format Stereophonic

America Abroad is a monthly documentary radio program produced by America Abroad Media (AAM), a Washington D.C.-based non-profit organization. The program is distributed by Public Radio International[1] (PRI) and broadcasts on public radio stations around the United States. The presenters are Madeleine Brand and Hari Sreenivasan. Guest hosts have included Barbara Bogaev. Each month, America Abroad works with independent reporters from several countries.

America Abroad began broadcasting on February 1, 2003, with a debut program on the invasion of Iraq. The program was broadcast six times per year until it became a monthly program in September 2007.


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