America Calling

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America Calling
Country of originUnited States
Hosted byJack Benny
Bob Hope
StarringShirley Temple
Charles Laughton
Groucho Marx
Clark Gable
Merle Oberon
Myrna Loy
Written byDore Schary
Ed Beloin
Directed byDick Mack
Produced byBill Morrow
No. of episodes1
Sponsored byGreek War Relief

America Calling, sponsored by the Greek War Relief, was broadcast February 8, 1941 on CBS, NBC, independent stations and all of Europe.

Jack Benny and Bob Hope were the "co-masters of ceremonies" for a show that featured The Merry Macs; Shirley Temple, Charles Laughton, Groucho Marx and Madeleine Carroll in a comedy skit written by Dick Mack (who directed the show); Clark Gable and Merle Oberon in a "modern romance" by Robert Riley Crutcher; Frank Morgan singing an "updated" Mikado, introduced by Reginald Owen; a visit to the home of the Hardy Family (portrayed by Micky Rooney & Lewis Stone); Benny, Hope and Groucho Marx singing a trio; Ronald Colman inspiringly dramatized "The Jervis Bay Goes Down," a poem by Gene Fowler; and Hope and Benny in a sketch about dating with Mary Martin and Myrna Loy. When introducing Laughton, Benny intentionally mispronounced the great actor's name as 'Laffton". That was followed by humorous dialog after which Laughton recited an eloquent telegram forwarded by Sam Goldwyn from Prime Minister of Greece Alexandros Koryzis. Koryzis committed suicide on April 18, as German troops approach Athens.

Also on the program were Ann Rutherford, Barbara Stanwyck, Carey Wilson, Connee Boswell, (superbly performs "Sunrise Serenade", Dick Powell, Fay Holden, Max Terr's Choral Group, and Melvyn Douglas.

Dore Schary supervised the show and scripted with Ed Beloin. Bill Morrow was the producer.

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Transferred by Art Shifrin to full track tape circa 1980 for Ben Leedy (a brother in law of Connee Boswell) from pristine 'high fidelity' 16" 33.33 rpm lateral cut vinyl pressings. Digitized with precise aziumuth alignment to a wave file without any noise reduction from the intact, stiction-free tape circa 1995.