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The America First Party was an isolationist political party which was founded on January 10, 1943. Its leader, Gerald L. K. Smith, was the party's presidential candidate in the 1944 U.S. presidential election.

Election history[edit]

The results of the 1944 presidential election were less than encouraging for America First Party members; Smith received 1,780 votes, mostly from the states of Texas and Michigan. This America First Party was renamed the Christian Nationalist Crusade in 1947.

In 1948 the Christian Nationalist Party nominated Smith for President and Harry Romer for vice president;[1] according to the website "" this ticket received just 42 votes nationwide.[2]

In 1952 a rump America First Party nominated Douglas MacArthur for President, and Harry F. Byrd for vice president, without their consent, while the Christian Nationalists nominated MacArthur and crusading anti-Communist California State Senator Jack B. Tenney.[3] This election apparently marked the final time that candidates were fielded by the original Smith movement or its offspring.

Later parties[edit]

The name "America First Party" was used by several later campaigns unconnected to the original party:

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