America Wood

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America Wood
Site of Special Scientific Interest
America Wood - - 508763.jpg
Area of Search Isle of Wight
Grid reference SZ567820
Interest Biological
Area 21.4 hectare
Notification 1986
Location map Natural England

America Wood (grid reference SZ567820) is a 21.4 hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest on the Isle of Wight, notified in 1986. Legend has it that the name derives from the use of oak trees grown here to build ships utilised in the American War of Independence. However, the name Americas Wood appears on Andrews Map of the Island in 1769, six years before the outbreak of the War of Independence.


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Coordinates: 50°38′06″N 1°11′59″W / 50.63495°N 1.19961°W / 50.63495; -1.19961