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American Affairs
EditorJulius Krein
FounderJulius Krein
First issueSpring 2017; 1 year ago (2017)
CompanyAmerican Affairs Foundation Inc.
CountryUnited States
Based inBoston

American Affairs is a quarterly, American political journal founded in February 2017 by Julius Krein. Krein is the journal's editor. Gladden Pappin, a University of Dallas political science professor, is the journal's assistant editor.[1]

The editors describe the journal as blending the literature and philosophy of the Claremont Review of Books with the political interests of National Affairs.[1][2]

American Affairs was initially considered by some as a "pro-Trump journal [launched] in an effort to give the Trump movement some intellectual heft".[3] But in 2017, Krein published an opinion article on The New York Times publicly acknowledging his regret in voting for the candidate.

According to NYT, "the magazine seeks to fill the void left by a conservative intellectual establishment more focused on opposing Mr. Trump than on grappling with the rejection of globalism and free-market dogma that propelled his victory."


Predecessors to American Affairs include the Journal of American Greatness, a 2016 political blog, and American Greatness, the 2016 political blog best known for publishing "The Flight 93 Election," a notable political essay about the 2016 Presidential election, run under the pseudonym "Publius Decius Mus", later identified as Michael Anton.[4][1][5]


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