American Aliyanz

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American Aliyanz
Written by Sajil Varghese
Jino Jacob
Directed by Jino Jacob
Starring Aryan Alex
Sajil Varghese
Jino Jacob
Jijo Jacob
Music by Jijo Jacob
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Malayalam
Producer(s) Job T
Editor(s) Jijo Jacob
Camera setup Alex Mathew

American Aliyanz is a 2010 Malayalam television sitcom about four bachelors who are struggling to live in America. It is starred in and directed by Jino Jacob.


The show mainly focuses on four young bachelors, showing all the humorous things that happen in their life. It stars Sajil Varghese, Aryan Alex, Jijo Jacob and Jino Jacob. The fourth episode premiered on June 12, 2010 in YouTube.


Actor Role
Sajil Varghese Chackochan
Aryan Alex Thommichan
Jino Jacob Kuriachan
Jijo Jacob Paulochan


  1. "4 Bachelors"
  2. "Love"
  3. "Chackochan's Marriage"
  4. "Chackochan's Cousin"


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