American Antiquity

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American Antiquity  
American Antiquity.jpg
Discipline archaeology
Publication details
Frequency quarterly
ISSN 0002-7316
JSTOR 00027316

The professional journal American Antiquity is published by the Society for American Archaeology, the largest organization of professional archaeologists of the Americas in the world. The journal is considered to be the flagship journal of American archaeology.

American Antiquity is a quarterly journal published in January, April, July and October. Each copy of the journal has about 200 pages, with articles covering topics such as archaeological method, archaeological science, pre-Columbian societies or civilizations, ongoing work at archaeological sites, and interim reports of excavations.

Since the publication of the first issue of the related journal Latin American Antiquity in 1990, American Antiquity articles and excavation reports rarely cover work done in Latin American countries.

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