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AACC International (formerly the American Association of Cereal Chemists) is a non-profit professional organization of members who are specialists in the use of cereal grains in foods. Founded in 1916, they are headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota.

AACC Sections[edit]

AACC International has 13 active sections. Five of the fourteen active sections are located outside of the United States and they are located in western Canada, Australia, Japan, Latin America, and southern Africa, specifically South Africa.

AACC Divisions[edit]

AACC Intl. has eleven divisions. These include biotechnology, carbohydrate, education, engineering/processing, flavor/ingredient, milling/baking, nutrition, protein, rheology, rice, and student.

AACC Publications[edit]

AACC publishes Cereal Chemistry, a bimonthly publication in cereal science, including processing, oils, and laboratory tests on these grains (corn, oat, barley, rye, etc.), Cereal Foods World, the bi-monthly magazine of the association that deals with research papers and professional issues related to those who are involved in cereal science, and books on different issues relating to grains and cereals (storage, milling, processing, food quality, food safety, ingredients, dietary fiber, and nutrition).

AACC Continuing Education[edit]

Throughout its existence, AACC Intl. has offered continuing education or professional development courses to its members and non-members on issues dealing with cereal science and grain processing issues. These courses have included food safety, employee safety, extrusion, processing, and more.

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