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AAPC Annual Pollie Awards & Conference
Awarded for Excellence in Political consulting
Country United States
Presented by American Association of Political Consultants
First awarded 1999
Website AAPC Annual Pollie Awards & Conference.Com

The American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) is the trade group for the political consulting profession in the United States. Founded in 1969, it is the world's largest organization of political consultants, public affairs professionals and communications specialists.[1] Its "multipartisan" membership consists of political consultants, pollsters, media consultants, campaign managers, corporate public affairs officers, professors, lobbyists, fundraisers, congressional staffers, and vendors.[2]

The American Association of Political Consultants maintains a Code of Professional Ethics for members. Applicants for AAPC membership are required to sign the code, and to live by the standards it sets, as a condition of membership in the organization.


The American Association of Political Consultants hosts the annual Pollie Awards and Conference. The Pollie Awards are the most prestigious awards in the field of political campaign and public affairs industry, in which the AAPC recognizes the best in the business of political professionals in hundreds of political campaign and public affairs categories.[3] A new statue was made by New York firm Society Awards for the 2015 Pollie Awards. The AAPC also hosts several regional conferences throughout the year that feature several panelists who are specialists for the upcoming elections.

The AAPC seeks to set the standards of conduct for political and public affairs consulting through its Code of Professional Ethics. The AAPC is the only organization in its field with a code of ethics for political professionalism.[4]

Board of directors[edit]

  • AAPC Officers Chairman: Art Hackney, Hackney & Hackney (R)- General
  • President – Mark Mellman, The Mellman Group (D) – Polling
  • Vice President – Tom Shepard, Tom Shepard & Associates (R) – General
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Rose Kapolczynski, Rose Kapolczynski Consulting (D) – General


  • Liz Chadderdon, The Chadderdon Group – Direct Mail
  • Lorena Chambers, Chambers Lopez Strategies – General
  • Carol Dahmen, Comcast Spotlight – Communications
  • Anita Dunn, SKDKnickerbocker – Communications
  • Ondine Fortune, Fortune Media, Inc. – Media Strategies, Planning and Buying
  • Brian Franklin, Impact Politics – General, Writing and New Media
  • Larry Huynh, Trilogy Interactive – Digital
  • Rose Kapolczynski, Rose Kapolczynski Consulting – General
  • Jim Margolis, GMMB – Media
  • Jennifer Mathews, AMM Political – Voter Contact/Phones
  • Jefrey Pollock, Global Strategy Group – Polling
  • Scott Simpson, Resonance Campaigns – Direct Mail & Digital
  • Jim Spencer, The Campaign Network – Direct Mail


  • Rebecca Donatelli, Campaign Solutions – Internet
  • Alexander P. Gage, TargetPoint Research & Consulting, Inc. and G2Analytics, LLC – Survey & Data Research
  • Dan Hazelwood, Targeted Creative Communications – Direct Mail Advertising
  • Thomas Hiltachk, Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk, LLP – Political – Election Law
  • Jim Innocenzi, Sandler-Innocenzi – Media
  • Mike Madrid, GrassrootsLab – Grassroots Coalitions
  • Beth Miller, Miller Public Affairs Group – Public Affairs
  • Trey Richardson, Sagac Public Affairs – Fundraising
  • Kyle Roberts, Smart Media Group – Media Buying
  • Tim Rosales, The Wayne Johnson Agency – Public Affairs
  • Chris Turner, Stampede Consulting, LLC – General

Academic Board Members[edit]

  • Mike Burton – Ohio University
  • Dr. Dennis Johnson – George Washington University

Chapter Presidents[edit]

  • Jaimey Sexton, The Sexton Group- Mid-West
  • Chad Gosselink, Control Point Group – Mid-Atlantic
  • Bart Robbett, Robbett Advocacy Media, LLC – Greater New York
  • John Rowley, Fletcher Rowley, Inc. – Southern
  • James Aldrete, Message Audience & Presentation – Southwest

AAPC Past Presidents Dale Emmons, Whit Ayres, Tony Fazio, Wayne Johnson, Nancy Todd, Donna Lucas, Raymond Strother, Richard Woodword, Ralph D. Murphine, Thomas N. Edmonds, William R. Hamilton, Bradley O'Leary, Joseph R. Cerrell, Roy Pfautch, Phyllis B. Brothman, Matthew A. Reese, F. Clifton White, Joseph Napolitan, Founder


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