American Asthma Foundation

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American Asthma Foundation
American Asthma Foundation (logo).png
Abbreviation AAF
Headquarters San Francisco, CA, U.S.
Slogan Funding Breakthrough Research

The American Asthma Foundation (AAF) is a non-profit grant program that funds basic research focused on asthma. Its stated mission is to improve treatments for, prevent, and find a cure for asthma.[1] Established in 1999, it is the largest private funder of asthma research, having awarded over $100,000,000 in grant funds to 175 scientists.[2]

Funding Strategy[edit]

The American Asthma Foundation has employed an unusual strategy to advance basic research in asthma: nearly all AAF grant funding has gone to scientists who never before studied asthma. The concept is to harness advances in biomedical research in all fields in seeking to treat or prevent asthma.[3]

Scientific Review Board[edit]

The AAF is guided by a scientific review board, which selects the research projects that are funded by the AAF.[4] The board represents a broad range of scientific disciplines and is composed largely of scientists outside the field of asthma research.

Grant Program[edit]

The annual solicitation for proposals is open to scientists at non-profit research institutions in the United States. Currently, grants are limited to scientists who are within 10 years of their first independent academic appointment.[5]