American Athletic Conference Men's Basketball Tournament

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AAC Men's Basketball Tournament
Conference Basketball Championship
AAC Primary Logo.png
AAC logo
Sport College basketball
Conference American Athletic Conference
Number of teams 10
Format Single-elimination tournament
Current stadium Rotates (XL Center in 2015)
Current location Rotates (Hartford, Connecticut in 2015)
Played 2014–present
Last contest 2015
Current champion SMU
Most championships Louisville and SMU (1)
TV partner(s) ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU
Official website Men's Basketball

The American Athletic Conference Men's Basketball Tournament (sometimes known simply as The American Championship) is the conference tournament in basketball for the American Athletic Conference. It is a single-elimination tournament that involves all league schools (currently 10). Its seeding is based on regular season records. The winner receives the conference's automatic bid to the NCAA men's basketball tournament, however the official conference championship is awarded to the team or teams with the best regular season record.

The creation of the conference tournament was a product of the split of the original Big East Conference. While The American is the legal successor to the old Big East, it gave up the rights to the long-standing conference tournament at Madison Square Garden in New York City to the new Big East. As a result, the 2014 tournament was numbered as the first tournament for the conference.


Year Champion Score Runner-up MVP Venue
2014 Louisville 71–61 Connecticut Russ Smith, Louisville FedEx Forum (Memphis, TN)
2015 SMU 62–54 Connecticut Markus Kennedy, SMU XL Center (Hartford, CT)
2016 Amway Center (Orlando, FL)
2017 Amway Center (Orlando, FL)

Tournament championships by school[edit]

Member Winners Winning Years
Louisville 1 2014
SMU 1 2015