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American Bantam Association
Formation 1914[1]
Purpose Poultry Fancy
Region served
U.S. & Canada
Matt Lhamon

The American Bantam Association is a poultry fancy association that promotes the breeding and exhibiting of various breeds of bantam poultry. Its goals are to foster cooperation between breeders, host poultry shows, and provide information on the various breeds it recognizes.[1]

It publishes a Bantam Standard which describes 57 breeds, 85 plumage patterns and more than 400 varieties of bantams and bantam ducks. It also publishes a quarterly magazine and annual yearbook. It sanctions or has sanctioned a number of poultry shows across the United States held by local groups, such as the New England Poultry Exposition.[2] and the Poultry and Rare Bird Show at the Los Angeles County Fair[3][4][5] and the Ohio National.


The ABA has 16 Districts in the US, Canada, and Bermuda, each of which has a District Director who acts to address concerns and represent their constituents in matters that require a vote at Semi-Annual and Annual meetings and in more informal capacities:

  • District 1: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont
  • District 2: New Jersey, New York
  • District 3: Delaware, Pennsylvania
A Dutch Bantam pullet, one of the breeds of poultry recognized by the ABA
  • District 4: Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia
  • District 5: Ohio, Kentucky
  • District 6: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois
  • District 7: North Carolina, South Carolina
  • District 8: Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee
  • District 9: Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi
  • District 10: Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota
  • District 11: Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri
  • District 12: Texas
  • District 13: Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico
  • District 14: Washington, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming
  • District 15: California, Nevada, Hawaii
  • District 16: Canada


The first president of the American Bantam Association was Charles E. Rockenstyie, who died in 1944.[6]


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