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American Bantam Association
American Bantam Association log.png
PurposePoultry Fancy
Region served
U.S. & Canada
Matt Lhamon
AffiliationsAmerican Poultry Association

The American Bantam Association is a poultry fancy association for breeders of bantam poultry. It publishes the Bantam Standard, with detailed descriptions of all the bantam breeds and varieties that it recognizes;[2]:6 in most – but not all – cases, these are the same as those recognised by the American Poultry Association.[2]:23 It also publishes a quarterly magazine and annual yearbook,[citation needed] hosts poultry shows and provides judges for them, and provides information on bantam breeds.[1]

It sanctions or has sanctioned a number of poultry shows across the United States held by local groups, such as the Poultry and Rare Bird Show at the Los Angeles County Fair[3] and the Ohio National.


The first president of the association was Charles E. Rockenstyie, who died in 1944.[4]


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