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Type of Organization: Scholarly Biological Organization
Founded: 1938
Members: 5,000+
Location: Warrenton, Virginia
President: Susan Finazzo
Past President: Bob Melton
President - Elect: Elizabeth Cowles
Secretary/Treasurer: Steven Christenson
Director at Large: Margaret Carroll
Director at Large: Sherry Annee
Director/Coordinator: Cindy Gay
Director/Coordinator: Brenda Royal

The National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) is an American-based scholarly society.

NABT was formed in 1938 and incorporated in 1956. Their membership comprises thousands of biology educators and administrators—representing all grade levels—from the U.S. and abroad.[1] NABT also publishes the journal The American Biology Teacher nine times a year. Subscriptions to the journal are available for institutions. Individuals may purchase individual issues.[2]

NABT has a large number of sections, affiliations and committees that help to facilitate networking and support. Some examples of these are:
4-Year College Section
2-Year College Section
AP Biology
Multicultural Affairs Section
International Section
Role & Status of Women in Biology Education
Retired Members Section
State and Province Affiliate
NABT BioClub
Outreach Coordinators & Informal Educators

NABT has been involved in several controversies over teaching of creationism in public schools, including McLean v. Arkansas in 1982 and Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District in 2005.


This is an incomplete list, for a complete list, please see List of National Association of Biology Teachers presidents
Current President: Susan Finazzo

Past Presidents
2016: Bob Melton
2015: Jane Ellis
2014: Stacey Kiser
2013: Mark Little
2012: Don French
2011: Dan Ward
2010: Marion V. "Bunny" Jaskot
2009: John Moore
2008: Todd Carter
2007: Patricia Waller
2006: Toby M Horn
2005: Rebecca E. Ross
2004: Betsy Ott
2003: Catherine Ueckert
2002: Brad Williamson
2001: Ann S. Lumsden
2000: Phil McCrea 1999: ((John Montgomery))


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