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Valley Intercity Neighborhood Express (VINE) Transit
Vine bus logo.png
Vine Transit Route 21.jpg
VINE Transit bus on Route 21 in 2016
Parent Napa Valley Transportation Authority[1]
Founded 1998
Headquarters 625 Burnell Street, Napa, CA
Service area Napa County, California
Service type bus service, paratransit
Routes 12
Hubs 3
Operator Transdev[1]

VINE Transit (an acronym for Valley Intercity Neighborhood Express.[2]) is a public transportation service in Napa County, California, United States; it is managed under the Napa Valley Transportation Authority and operated by Transdev. The system offers extensive service throughout the County along with providing connections to other public transportation systems in adjacent counties.

Service coverage[edit]

The Napa VINE provides services to the following cities, towns, and communities:

Napa County:

Solano County:

Sonoma County:

Contra Costa County


All Napa VINE services do not operate on the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (July 4)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • if Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve fall on a Sunday

However, these services operate on Saturday schedules on other holidays, including:

  • President's Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year's Eve

On other holidays (i.e. Columbus Day, Veterans Day), trips operate on normal weekday schedules.

Fleet and livery[edit]

Vine ElDorado Axess 35' coach parked at Vallejo Station

The VINE Transit-branded fleet is made of the following types of coaches



Newer buses are grey colored with the current VINE logo displayed along the middle of the bus. Most buses are painted white with the previous VINE logo printed on the side of the bus. However, the DE40LF buses offer artwork promoting VINE's environmentally friendly features; these buses were also wrapped to promote Spare the Air. In addition, a number of Gillig Phantom buses exclusive to Route 21, are wrapped in advertising promoting that route. Previously, the livery was simply a green bordered red horizontal stripe with "City of Napa" written near the front in white letters.

VINE Go and Calistoga Shuttle use Ford-based ElDorado National Aerolite cutaways.

Yountville Trolley features a Hometown Trolley Mainstreet tourist trolley that is painted green on red.


VINE Transit in Napa operates a fixed-route system of eight local and three regional routes which provides connections between other bus systems and BART. Unless noted, Sunday service is not provided.

Route Destination Service Notes
1 Browns Valley
2 Outlets / Old Sonoma / Laurel
3 South Napa Marketplace / Coombs
4 Shetler / South Napa Marketplace
5 Alta Heights
6 Redwood Park and Ride / Sutherland
7 Jefferson / Salvador
8 Downtown / Redwood Park and Ride
10 Napa Valley College / Calistoga Sunday Service Provided
11 Napa / Vallejo Sunday Service Provided
21 Napa / Fairfield / Suisun City
25 Napa / Sonoma
29 El Cerrito Del Norte BART Express route, subject to additional fares. Monday-Friday service only.

Shuttle brands[edit]

VINE manages and operates a number of deviated fixed-route or dial-a-ride bus services in other cities and towns using different brand names.

  • American Canyon Transit (ACT) is a deviated fixed-route service in American Canyon that operates two routes; one for peak service and another for normal service. ACT connects with SolTrans Route 1, and VINE Routes 11 and 29.
  • Calistoga Shuttle is an on-demand dial-a-ride service that operates within Calistoga[3]
  • St. Helena VINE is a deviated fixed route service that operates a route within the city of St. Helena.[4] It connects to VINE Routes 10 and 29.
  • Yountville Trolley is a deviated fixed route service that operates a north-south route in the city of Yountville.[5] It connects to VINE Routes 10 and 29.

Fares, transfers, and passes[edit]

To board a VINE bus, a passenger must either present a pass, Clipper Card, transfer slip or pay a cash fare. VINE offers discount passes in 31-day and 20-ride formats. A 31-day pass offers unlimited rides for 31 consecutive days from the first day of use on regular routes (1 through 25); there are two separate types of 31-day passes for Route 29. For 20-ride passes, one use is used to board a regular bus, while uses differ on Routes 29 and 21. Transfer slips are issued to passengers who pay cash fare or use punch passes. They are used to transfer from one regular route to another without the need to pay an additional fare or punch; however a transfer is not valid between Routes 10 and 11. They can be used on express buses for an additional charge.[6] Since 2014, Clipper Cards are accepted and various 31-day passes can be loaded onto the card. [7] If nothing is presented, a cash fare must be paid. Below lists the fare and pass prices for routes 1 through 11, in USD.

VINE Transit fare chart
Fare type Punch Pass 31-day Pass Cash fare
Adults (age 20-64) $29.00 $53.00 $1.60
Youth (age 6-19) $20.00 $36.00 $1.10
Senior (age 65+)/Disabled/
Medicare Cardholder
$14.50 $26.50 $0.80
Seniors age 90+ with Lifetime Pass/Children under 5 years Free (up to two children .50 for each additional)
  • Route 25 fares are $1.60 for all fare types, however local passes can be used on the route.

Route 29 makes use of a different fare and pass system, where costs are determined on a passenger's boarding location and destination. VINE also provides day passes for unlimited rides for the day the pass indicates.

VINE Route 29 Commuter Express fare chart
Fare type Punch Pass Day Pass 31-day Pass 31-day BART Pass Cash fare to Vallejo Cash fare to El Cerrito
Adults (age 20-64) $29.00 $6.50 $65.00 $120.00 $3.25 $5.50
Youth (age 6-19) $20.00 $4.50 $65.00 $120.00 $3.25 $5.50
Senior (age 65+)/Disabled/
Medicare Cardholder
$14.50 $3.25 $65.00 $120.00 $3.25 $5.50
Seniors age 90+ with Lifetime Pass/Children under 5 years Free (up to two children .50 for each additional)

St. Helena VINE's fares depend on whether a passenger's destination deviates from the fixed route.[4]

St. Helena VINE Fare Chart
Fare type Cash fare Deviated fare
Adults (age 20-64) $0.50 $1.00*
Youth (age 6-19) / Seniors (age 65+)/ Disabled Free $0.50*

Since American Canyon Transit also utilizes a deviated fixed-route system, its fares are also different if one deviates from the published route. However, only seniors and disabled passengers are allowed to deviate.

American Canyon Transit fare chart
Fare type Cash fare Deviated fare
Adults (age 20-64) $1.00 N/A
Students (age 6-19)Seniors (age 65+)/Disabled $0.50 N/A
Seniors (age 65+)/ Disabled $0.50 $1.00

All cash fares on Calistoga Shuttle are one dollar. In addition to this fare, special $10 and $20 punch passes are available. The Yountville Trolley is free-of-charge to ride.


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