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American Chillers and Michigan Chillers are a series of horror novels for children written by author Johnathan Rand. The series started in February 2000 as a Michigan-only series and expanded to a national focus in December 2001 with Michigan Mega-Monsters. According to the author, the American Chillers book series will continue through all fifty states.

  • #1 Michigan Mega-Monsters (2001): A pair of kids at a camp find a giant sea monster.
  • #2 Ogres of Ohio (2002): A brother and a sister find magical artifacts and must keep them safe from ogres who will use them to destroy the world.
  • #3 Florida Fog Phantoms (2002): Three children must escape a cloud of fog, and the phantoms within it, or they will become trapped in it forever.
  • #4 New York Ninjas (2002): A magical mask must be protected by three friends, or else the world will be destroyed by a group of ghost ninjas.
  • #5 Terrible Tractors of Texas (2002): Farm equipment comes to life and attempts to destroy a boy and his cousin on a farm.
  • #6 Invisible Iguanas of Illinois (2002): A girl offers to watch her friend's iguanas, but these iguanas are huge, and invisible.
  • #7 Werewolves of Wisconsin (2002): A group of friends discover werewolves are real with the help of a librarian.
  • #8 Minnesota Mall Mannequins (2003): Aliens take control of mannequins to take over the world, and they have already taken over the Mall of America, trapping two friends inside.
  • #9 Iron Insects Invade Indiana (2003): An angry toy maker wants revenge on a rival by framing him for the destruction of Indiana by an army of robotic locusts.
  • #10 Missouri Madhouse (2003): Three kids who step into a supposedly haunted house late at night may never come out thanks to a boy who died years and years ago.
  • #11 Poisonous Pythons Paralyze Pennsylvania (2003): Three teens must survive one night in the wilderness with the world's deadliest snake on the loose.
  • #12 Dangerous Dolls of Delaware (2003): The doll that belonged to a ghostly child may help her dead spirit have revenge on an innocent young girl.
  • #13 Virtual Vampires of Vermont (2004): Unless two young video game addicts can stop them, an army of vampires from a video game could escape into reality.
  • #14 Creepy Condors of California (2004): When a condor attacks two kids in the Californian woods, they have no idea what they are in for.
  • #15 Nebraska Nightcrawlers (2004): Three friends meet a man who is attempting to make corn grow faster and get bigger. The problem is nightcrawlers have eaten it and grow as long as buses, posing a threat to human lives.
  • #16 Alien Androids Assault Arizona (2005): Aliens disguised as normal people are going to conquer the Earth if two friends do not get in the way.
  • #17 South Carolina Sea Creatures (2005): A boy places a toy similar to Sea Monkeys in water mixed with fertilizer. The toy grows to be a very large, very aggressive, semi aquatic monster.
  • #18 Washington Wax Museum (2006): A group of robbers will take thousands of dollars in artwork if three kids on a field trip do not stop them in time. (Note that although the events in the previous book were never mentioned, the main character was a side character in South Carolina Sea Creatures.)
  • #19 North Dakota Night Dragons (2006): A group of friends have to stop dragons from conquering a fantasy world, as well as ours.
  • #20 Mutant Mammoths of Montana (2007): A brother and sister on a camping trip in the Montana wilderness soon discover a herd of aggressive subterranean mammoths that evolved after the ice age.
  • #21 Terrifying Toys of Tennessee (November 15, 2007): Three friends must help a toy maker whose experimentation with a new type of battery turned his toys into monsters.
  • #22 Nuclear Jellyfish of New Jersey (2007): After a kid sees a UFO over a resort, giant, mutant, laser-shooting jellyfish destroy a water park. (Note that although the events in the last book are never mentioned, the main character was a character in Terrifying Toys of Tennessee.
  • #23 Wicked Velociraptors of West Virginia (February 28, 2008): After accidentally breaking a scientist's window, two friends offer to repay him by cleaning his lab windows. They find themselves going back in time after he completes a time travel invention experiment. The experiment works, but brings back three unwanted guests.
  • #24 Haunting in New Hampshire (May 1, 2008): After moving into a new house, a girl is plagued by visions that only she can see, and who can also see her.
  • #25 Mississippi Megalodon (December 28, 2008): Three friends go boating on a freshwater lake, but this particular lake is the hunting ground of a 60 ft long prehistoric shark.
  • #26 Oklahoma Outbreak (January 28, 2009): A school becomes the scene of an outbreak of cooties, vicious insects whose bite turns people into zombies, and there is no cure.
  • #27 Kentucky Komodo Dragons (May 28, 2009): While hiking, two siblings discover that Komodo dragons are loose in the forest, and they are extremely vicious.
  • #28 Curse of the Connecticut Coyotes (August 24, 2010): A silly curse from an old witch becomes reality.
  • #29 Oregon Oceanauts (2010): Two friends who are training to become divers are called to rescue a chemical barrel from a sunken submarine, but they discover that the chemical makes marine life far more aggressive than usual.
  • #30 Vicious Vacuums of Virginia (2010): Robotic vacuum cleaners come to life.
  • #31 The Nevada Nightmare Novel (November 8, 2011): A novel comes to life.
  • #32 Idaho Ice Beast (December 15, 2011): Two friends wander away from a ski resort to search for a mythical bigfoot creature, but when the creature starts hunting them, things get out of control.
  • #33 Monster Mosquitoes of Maine (February 15, 2012): Mosquitoes grow to enormous sizes and attack Maine.
  • #34 Savage Dinosaurs of South Dakota (May 15, 2012): Two friends who are both dinosaur lovers get a chance to visit a new dinosaur theme-park, complete with mechanical lifelike dinosaurs. The problem is, the dinosaurs are acting a little too lifelike.
  • #35 Maniac Martians Marooned in Massachusetts (September 1 2012): When a ship containing a race of violent aliens crash-lands on Earth, three friends find themselves fighting for their lives.
  • #36 Carnivorous Crickets of Colorado (October 27 2012): Two brothers' experiments on crickets mean big trouble for three friends who stumbled across their cricket farm.
  • #37 The Underground Undead of Utah (April, 2013): Three fossil-hunters stumble on a frightening secret.
  • #38 The Wicked Waterpark of Wyoming (December 15, 2013): A sinister world lies beneath the new waterpark, spelling danger for its patrons
  • #39 Angry Army Ants Ambush Alabama (March 15, 2014): The swamp hides an insect threat.
  • #40 Incredible Ivy of Iowa (2014): A farmer's experiments with super plant food create scary ivy.
  • #41 North Carolina Night Creatures
  • #42 Lunatics Lurking In Louisiana
  • #43 Humanoids Haywire Hawaii
  • #44 Gruesome Gargoyles of Georgia
  • #45 Witches Ditch Washington D.C.
  • #46 Rodents Invade Rhode Island
  • #47 TBA
  • #48 TBA
  • #49 TBA
  • #50 TBA

List of Michigan Chillers books[edit]

Rand has written a separate series of books titled, Michigan Chillers, starting in 2000. These books settings take place in major cities and places in Rand's home state of Michigan.

  • #1 Mayhem on Mackinac Island (2000): A brothers also a and sister on vacation on Mackinac Island discover a fantasy world, and must defeat an evil sorcerer in order to escape.
  • #2 Terror Stalks Traverse City (2000): A kid with a magic kit summons a monster from a drawing that could destroy the city.
  • #3 Poltergeists of Petoskey (2000): Two kids must find a way to get a poltergeist out of their home, before they themselves become poltergeists.
  • #4 Aliens Attack Alpena (2000): Two friends must fight a hostile race of aliens that could destroy the planet.
  • #5 Gargoyles of Gaylord (2000): After gargoyles escape their dark underground world, two kids and their neighbor must find them and put them back.
  • #6 Strange Spirits of St. Ignace (2000): When three siblings become lost in the forest they are camping in, they discover spirits from another realm.
  • #7 Kreepy Klowns of Kalamazoo (2000): Two children go to the carnival but discover that the clowns are secretly robots intent on world domination.
  • #8 Dinosaurs Destroy Detroit (2001): A time window opens, which allows a kid to get a dinosaur egg from the past. Only a pack of Tyrannosaurus Rex follow him through the time gate and will not rest until the egg is found, no matter how many people are killed.
  • #9 Sinister Spiders of Saginaw (2001): A girl who has an intense fear of spiders realizes that Saginaw is about to be invaded by giant man-eating spiders. Now she, along with her friend, needs to defeat them, but this is more complicated than she thinks.
  • #10 Mackinaw City Mummies (2001): A boy has to brave a hidden world full of horrifying creatures to save his best friend from being mummified.
  • #11Great Lakes Ghost Ship (2005): Three kids must escape a ghost ship, or stay on forever with zombies.
  • #12 Au Sable Alligators (2005): For some bizarre reason, there seem to be alligators in a river in Michigan, and two kids must find out why before someone gets hurt.
  • #13 Gruesome Ghouls of Grand Rapids (2007): After some ghouls escape their prison within the Earth, a group of kids must put them back.
  • #14 Bionic Bats of Bay City (2008): Mutant bats are unleashed upon Bay City.
  • #15 Calumet Copper Creatures (2011): Siblings find giant copper creatures lurking in an abandoned mine.
  • #16 Catastrophe in Caseville (July 2013): A giant cheeseburger threatens to destroy the town of Caseville, Michigan, and wreck the annual cheeseburger festival.
  • #17 A Ghostly Haunting in Grand Haven (2016): A haunted house has many scary secrets found after two citizens leave and call a kid's dad to hunt for ghosts. But this place might be more haunted than you think.

New covers[edit]

The American Chillers and the Michigan Chillers series both got new covers to commemorate the series' anniversary in 2005. These covers feature a combination gloss/Elkote cover, providing a unique contrast. The new covers are by Dwayne Harris of Kalispel, Montana.

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