American College Health Association

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American College Health Association
Abbreviation ACHA
Motto The recognized voice of expertise in college health
Formation 1920
Type Professional association
Legal status Non-profit
Purpose Research
Headquarters Hanover, Maryland
Membership (2017)
>800 higher education institutions
Past President
Jamie Davidson
Michael Huey
President Elect
Stephanie Hanenberg
Chief Executive Officer
Devin Jopp
18 members (listed here)
Affiliations 11 regional affiliates in 6 regions of the United States (listed here)
Formerly called
American Student Health Association

The American College Health Association (abbreviated ACHA) is a Hanover, Maryland-based organization of college health professionals throughout the United States.[1] It was founded in 1920 as the American Student Health Association, obtaining its current name in 1948.[2] Over 800 higher education institutions are members of the ACHA, as of 2011. The association also has over 2,800 individual health care professionals as members.[3] Since 1958, the association's official journal has been the Journal of American College Health, which was founded in 1958 as Student Medicine.[4]


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