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The American Council for Polish Culture, Inc (ACPC) is a national non-profit, charitable, cultural and educational organization that serves as a network and body of national leadership among affiliated Polish-American cultural organizations throughout the United States. Founded in 1948 as the American Council of Polish Cultural Clubs,[1] the Council currently represents the interests of some 25 affiliated organizations located across the United States from Los Angeles, California to Boston, Massachusetts. Its oldest affiliated organization, the Polish Arts Club of Chicago, was established in 1928.

In 1989 the ACPC established the American Center of Polish Culture which opened its doors in 1991 in Washington, D.C. The American Center of Polish Culture has, primarily, an educational function providing programs and exhibitions, but it also acts as a central point for the lobbying activities of the ACPC. The first director, taking office in 1991, was Dr. Kaya Mirecka-Ploss, who was then president of the ACPC.[2]

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Affiliate organizations[edit]


  • Polish American Cultural Society of Stamford
  • Polish Cultural Club of Greater Hartford

District of Columbia

  • Polish American Arts Association of Washington DC


  • Citrus County Polish Heritage Club
  • American Institute of Polish Culture, Pinellas County


  • Polish Arts Club of Chicago


  • Chopin Fine Arts Club, South Bend


  • Polish Cultural Foundation, Boston


  • Friends of Polish Art, Detroit


  • Polanie Club of Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • Polish American Cultural Institute of Minnesota


  • Polish American Society of Metro St. Louis

New Jersey

  • Polish Arts Club of Trenton Founded 1946[4]

New York

  • Kopernik Polish Cultural Society
  • Kopernik Memorial Assoc. of Central New York
  • Polish Arts Club, Elmira
  • Polish Heritage Club of Syracuse, Inc.
  • Polish Heritage Society of Rochester [1]



  • Polish Arts League of Pittsburgh
  • Polish Heritage Society of Philadelphia


  • Polish American Society of Virginia


  • American Assoc. for Advancement of Polish Culture, Milwaukee

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