American David Livingstone University of Florida

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American David Livingstone University of Florida
Американский Университет Флориды им. Дэвида Ливингстоуна

Change the World —

According to God’s Word!
Established 2009
Type Public On-line
Location Miami, Florida, USA

The American David Livingstone University of Florida (Russian: Американский Университет Флориды им. Дэвида Ливингстоуна) was founded in January 2009 as a multinational higher educational institution. Teaching languages are English, Russian, and Arabic. The first graduation of students is reported for summer 2012.


The aim of the AUF is to provide forum and means for high quality on-line distance learning based on biblical foundations. The target group are English and Russian speaking citizens of the USA and other countries, as well as applicants who only speak one of the two languages and who intend to study in a cross-cultural environment. Since 2013 Arabic speaking students from countries in the Middle East with Christian family background are also recruited. The university methods are built around the idea of a cultural sensitive adaptation in order to assist young emigrants from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Middle East to integrate into American and West-European society. Students living in the CIS and the Middle East can participate in the same way and with equal rights.


"Legal Obligations of the Partners:
 The area of the AUF-COUEHS Scientific Educational
 Complex's activity is joint study programs development;
 participation in research project and educational courses;
 sending of experts/lecturers and instructors to the
 partnering institution to provide study and further
 education courses as well as specific exchange of
 knowledge and experience; students exchange programs."

Agreement of the Foundation about the Scientific and Educational Complex, 2.1.[1]

In 2007 several university instructors from the Ukraine, Germany, and the United States met at a round-table on campus of the Christian Open University of Economy and Humanitarian Sciences (HGEU) in Odessa, Ukraine to discuss the country's academic situation. During these conversations the idea was born to create a partnership between foreign universities and the private Christian University HGEU. To find helpful partners in higher education outside of the Ukraine who would understand the specific post-Soviet challenges in academia seemed to turn out to be difficult. After a time of discussing various options and strategies in 2009 an American private non-profit on-line university was founded in Florida — the AUF.[2] The international Board of Trustees chaired by the Ukrainian founder direct the institution. A group of international academic instructors meet regularly as Advisory Board. Dean and Academic Council develop the curriculum and secure educational standards. The President is appointed by the Board of Trustees and accountable to this board. The President's task includes to bundle and apply strategies and goals of the Board of Trustees, the Dean, the Academic Council, and the Advisory Board. He is expected to make these concepts public and to enforce them inside the university infra-structure. Additionally HGEU and AUF agreed 2009 on the "Foundation of a Scientific and Educational Complex" (Russian: Создание научно-образоватөльного комплекса) that made both educational institutions partners with equal rights.[3]

Academic Profile[edit]

The AUF provides higher education especially for those emigrants from the former USSR who undergo adaptation hardships in traditional American universities and colleges. Additionally the university offers a variety of programs and degrees for English and Russian speaking citizens of other countries who look for a bilingual university education.

Religious Institution[edit]

The AUF is named after an Evangelical pioneer and missionary of the 19th century: David Livingstone. The university defines itself as a Christian educational institution and received as such a Letter of exemption concerning the teaching license within the State of Florida.[4][5] The Ukrainian Evangelical Alliance[6] together with invited Evangelical authorities in the USA functions as overseeing commission for all questions related to the university as a religious institution.

On-line Learning Management[edit]

All courses are built on the "Moodle" (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) platform and use version 1.9.16.[7] The Course Management System (CMS) is open source. As of February 2012 Moodle had globally a user base of 67,182 registered and verified sites, serving 57,096,179 million users in 219 countries.[8]

Teaching Languages[edit]

Russian character "zh"

Most of the educational disciplines are taught in English and Russian, although there are still Russian courses that need to be completed in their English translation. Courses that were originally written in the instructor's native language usually have a higher quality than their translated counterparts. That is specifically true for Russian original coursework that later was translated into English. The students have the freedom of studying in their language of choice. The AUF staff believes that neither the mainly English speaking student, nor the student with Russian background should be disadvantaged. According to the philosophy of the university both teaching languages should have equal rights from the very first moment until the defense of a degree.[9]

The Biblical Standpoint[edit]

First chapter of the Book of Isaiah

The AUF predominantly focuses on young active Christians, but without discriminating students with other religious convictions.[citation needed] The Evangelical credo[definition needed] is the foundation for what is taught in all faculties.

Moral, Ethics, and World View[edit]

The AUF graduates have to study Christian disciplines (Fundamentals of Christianity, History of Christianity, Christian Ethics, Christian World View, and Bible Study). General educational disciplines (Philosophy, Sociology and others) are studied in light of a Christian world outlook.

Faculty and Staff[edit]

Professors from the USA and Canada own academic credentials usually expected on their campuses. Instructors who post-graduated in the CIS and elsewhere have the degrees and licenses of their countries. Instructors with Slavic background have been trained in methodology of administration under the typically complex conditions of business management in post-Communist countries.

Branches of Study[edit]

  • BBA in General Business
  • BBA in International Management
  • BBA in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Linguistics
  • Bachelor in Theology

Postgraduate Study[edit]

The university offers also M.A. and PhD programs.


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