American Fork River

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Coordinates: 40°20′33″N 111°48′06″W / 40.34250°N 111.80167°W / 40.34250; -111.80167

American Fork
The American Fork near the mouth of American Fork Canyon
EtymologyTo differentiate from the Spanish Fork; or derived from a company name.
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
SourceWasatch Mountains
 - locationUtah
 - locationUtah Lake

The American Fork, in Utah, flows out of American Fork Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains about 35 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. The headwaters are located on Mount Timpanogos and the river continues down through American Fork Canyon. On the way it passes through the Uinta National Forest and Timpanogos Cave National Monument. Exiting the canyon, the river runs through northern Utah County and empties into Utah Lake on the north shore.

The city of American Fork is named after this river.[1] The description "American" in the river's name is to distinguish it from the Spanish Fork River that also originates in the Wasatch Range; alternatively, it could have been named after the American Fur Company.[2]

A combination of the river and uplift of the Wasatch Mountains has carved the scenery of American Fork Canyon.

Fly fishermen commonly target smaller rainbow trout (measuring 6-12 in.) – and to a lesser extent brown trout – in the river during summer and fall, when strong runoff and snowfall does not limit access.

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