American Freedom Train – 1975–76 station stops

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This article lists all of the station stops made by the American Freedom Train tour in 1975 and 1976.

American Freedom Train route map 1975.png


April 1975[edit]

May 1975[edit]

June 1975[edit]

July 1975[edit]

August 1975[edit]

September 1975[edit]

October 1975[edit]

November 1975[edit]

December 1975[edit]


January 1976[edit]

February 1976[edit]

March 1976[edit]

April 1976[edit]

May 1976[edit]

June 1976[edit]

July 1976[edit]

August 1976[edit]

2101 as AFT 1 in Allentown, Pennsylvania

September 1976[edit]

October 1976[edit]

November 1976[edit]

December 1976[edit]