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American Graphics Institute (AGI) is an company that offers publishing consulting and technical training. The institute also writes and publishes books on publishing, business strategy and design technology.


AGI was founded in 1994 by Christopher Smith[1] and Jennifer Smith. American Graphics Institute originally provided instruction on the use of early desktop publishing software from companies such as Adobe Systems and Quark, Inc. AGI later began teaching web publishing and interactive design classes. In 2007, American Graphics Institute was acquired by creative staffing firm Aquent.[2] In July 2009, the founders reacquired American Graphics Institute.

Educational Content[edit]

AGI's founders and instructors are the authors and creators of various books, e-books, and video tutorials. The books cover 16 different topics including web design, HTML, Adobe, Photoshop, and Microsoft Office.[3] Some of the books were created for the For Dummies book series.[4]

In 2013, AGI partnered with publisher John Wiley & Sons to launch the Digital Classroom website.[5] The website was a digital subscription service that gave subscribers access to 2,500 video tutorials and 50 e-books.[6] Many of the eBooks and video tutorials were created by AGI. While the Digital Classroom subscription service is no longer available, the Digital Classroom e-books are still in publication. The Digital Classroom books have also been used in universities and colleges around the world for classes that teach design and publishing.[7]

Development Training and Consulting[edit]

AGI's development training services include certificate programs, classes at training centers and through online courses, and private training for groups and organizations.

American Graphics Institute has training centers in these cities:

CRE8 Conference[edit]

American Graphics Institute hosts the annual CRE8 Conference[9] in Florida. The conference provides professional development education for marketing and design professionals. Past CRE8 speakers include Marissa Mayer,[10] Al Gore,[11] and Michael Eisner.[12]


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