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American Health was an American magazine devoted to health, and has been called "one of the fastest-growing magazines of the 1980s".[1]

History and profile[edit]

T George Harris and Owen J. Lipstein established American Health in 1981.[2][3] The first issue appeared in March 1982.[4] Its editors have included Stephen Kiesling, T George Harris and Joel Gurin.[5][6] The magazine was acquired by the Reader's Digest Corporation in 1990.[7] The readers of the magazine were mostly women.[8] In May 1984 the frequency of the magazine switched to monthly.[4]

According to an abstract, Madison Avenue magazine reported in 1986 that American Health had an "upbeat and informative" tone and boasted of a circulation of 85,000.[9] The last issue of American Health was published in October 1999.[7] Then, its trademark and circulation assets had been acquired by Time Warner's Health magazine.[7][10]

American Health received the General Excellence (400,000 to 1,000,000 circulation) Award from the American Society of Magazine Editors in 1985, and was a finalist in that category in 1984, as well as being a finalist for the Public Interest award in 1991.[5] The magazine won two American Psychological Association National Media Awards and a Sidney Hillman Foundation prize.[1]


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