Wag the Dog (novel)

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Wag the Dog: A Novel
American hero wag the dog novel.jpg
First edition
Author Larry Beinhart
Original title American Hero
Cover artist Maria Elias
Country United States
Language English
Genre Satire, Conspiracy
Publisher Nation Books
Publication date
1993, 2004
Media type Print (paperback)
Pages 392
ISBN 1-56025-663-X

American Hero is a 1993 satirical conspiracy theory novel, reissued as Wag the Dog: A Novel in 2004, written by Larry Beinhart. It speculated that Operation Desert Storm had been scripted and choreographed as a ploy to get George H.W. Bush reelected to a second term (taking their cues from Margaret Thatcher's similar war in the Falkland Islands), while at the same time analyzing exactly why that conflict had been so popular. The book formed the inspiration and basis for the 1997 film, Wag the Dog.

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