American Hiking Society

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American Hiking Society
American Hiking Society (logo).png
Founded 1976
Founder Bill Kemsley
Jim Kern
Paul Pritchard
Area served
United States
Over 7,500[1]
$1,036,281 USD (2013)[2]
Approximately 10[3]
Slogan Promoting and protecting hiking trails, the natural lands around them, and the hiking experience

The American Hiking Society is a Maryland-based non-profit dedicated to preserving trails, the areas that surround them and the hiking experience. It was founded in 1976.


The American Hiking Society has three main avenues of action:

  • Volunteerism and Outreach including Volunteer Vacations, which began in 1978 [4] to mobilize volunteers to work on trail maintenance, and National Trails Day, which is held the first Saturday every June to spread awareness and celebrate hiking.
  • Policy and Advocacy: working with Congress to develop hiker-friendly legislation and various federal agencies on implementation.
  • Trail grants and assistance: the Society provides grants to local organizations for building and maintaining trails, providing nearly $50,000 of funding in 2007.[5] Also, this organization heads up the Alliance of Hiking Organizations, a network of hiking and trail clubs from all over the country.


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