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American INSIGHT
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Type501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Coordinates40°00′30″N 75°15′38″W / 40.008446°N 75.26046°W / 40.008446; -75.26046Coordinates: 40°00′30″N 75°15′38″W / 40.008446°N 75.26046°W / 40.008446; -75.26046
Margaret Chew Barringer

American INSIGHT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the State of Pennsylvania.[1]


American INSIGHT was founded in 1983 by Margaret Chew Barringer under the original name of the American Poetry Center to promote free speech and the spoken word. Its success in Pennsylvania led to the creation of National Poetry Month. The organization legally changed its name to American INSIGHT.[2]

American Insight, in its original incarnation as the American Poetry Center, is referred to in various literary and artistic settings and critical works (for example in discussing Robert Creeley[3])

Free Speech Film Festival[edit]

American INSIGHT facilitates the annual Free Speech Film Festival[4] via the world wide reach of FilmFreeway, and is open to established as well as emerging independent film filmmakers across the world with films focusing on free speech and human rights.

Recent Free Speech Film Festival Award winners include:


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