American International School of Budapest

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Coordinates: 47°34′10″N 18°54′0″E / 47.56944°N 18.90000°E / 47.56944; 18.90000

American International School of Budapest
Type International School
Motto A Bridge Around the World
Established 1973
Director Mr. Paul Slocombe
Principals High-School: Mr. Jeff Leppard, Middle-School: Mr. Andrew Ball, Elementary School: Mrs. Krista Zavits
Faculty Elementary, Middle and High-School staff
Grades Pre-K - 12
Number of students about 850

The American International School of Budapest (or AISB) is an international school located in Nagykovácsi, Hungary, near Budapest. It was established in 1973 by the United States Embassy to serve United States Government employees' dependents, however, it now has a much more diverse student body including children of the local and expatriate business and diplomatic communities. English is the primary medium of instruction. The school's website reports that it serves a population of about 850 students from 57 countries.

AISB previously occupied two purpose-built campuses; however, has since moved to one main campus located in Nagykovácsi. Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 2 (lower elementary) were housed at the Buda Campus (on Kakukk út) in the Buda Hills. Grades 3 - 12 (upper elementary, middle and high school) shared the Nagykovácsi Campus located just 13 kilometers from the center of Budapest. Currently, the Nagykovácsi campus holds two buildings (PK-Grade 5, Grade 6-12) on an expanded site.

The school operates four divisions on one campus. The Primary-school building (PK-grade 5) has its own library, multi-purpose room and gym. The other building houses grades 6-12 in afacility built in 2000, complete with 54 classrooms, library, cafeteria, double-sized gymnasium, 25-meter indoor swimming pool, 350-seat theatre, performing and visual arts facilities, and playfield (these facilities are also shared with the Lower school).

A bridge connects the two buildings.


In the summer/fall the school offers soccer/football, tennis and cross country. After training (5 weeks, 2-4 times a week) there is a sports event with the other international schools in East and Central Europe, under the CEESA (Central and Eastern European Schools Association) organization.

In winter there is basketball and swimming. In spring there is volleyball, softball and track & field.

Notable Alumni[edit]

  • Floris Kibedi Varga, PhD : Philanthropist
  • Robert Karda: Folk Dancer, Pioneer of Modern Hungarian Language and Literarure
  • Marcell Foldi: Under Armour Athlete, Inventor of WeightGain 2000
  • Max Chen: Business Tycoon, Founder of Sandwiches In Plastic Bags Ltd.
  • Leonardo Sartori: Owner of Kisnyárád Football Club in the Mennyei Megyei League
  • Balazs Szalay, Business Magnate, Professional Sprint Kayaker
  • Mark Mustafa, Leading expert in the field of compensation psychology