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American International University Bangladesh (AIUB)
AIUB whole logo.png
Former name
AMA International University-Bangladesh
MottoWhere leaders are created
TypePrivate, Coeducational
Established6 November 1994
FounderDr. Anwarul Abedin
ChairmanMs. Nadia Anwar
ChancellorPresident of Bangladesh
Vice-ChancellorDr. Carmen Z. Lamagna
Academic staff
363 (full-time) as of Summer 2016-2017[1]
Students15,000(approx) as of Spring 2018-2019
408/1, Kuratoli, Khilkhet, Dhaka 1229
23°49′19.4″N 90°25′38.8″E / 23.822056°N 90.427444°E / 23.822056; 90.427444Coordinates: 23°49′19.4″N 90°25′38.8″E / 23.822056°N 90.427444°E / 23.822056; 90.427444
Colors     Dark Blue
SportsCricket - AIUB Tigers, Football - AIUB Eagles
AIUB Banner
This photo contains 1/4 of total campus.The round shaped building have 8 floor
AIUB permanent campus
Night View
Temporary ANNEX
AIUB interior at night

American International University-Bangladesh (Bengali: আমেরিকান ইন্টারন্যাশনাল ইউনিভার্সিটি-বাংলাদেশ), commonly known by its acronym AIUB, is an accredited private university in Dhaka, Bangladesh.[3] The university is an independent organization with own Board of Trustees.[4] It offers several degree programs at graduate and undergraduate level from four faculties, particularly in the field of engineering and business studies.


The university was established on 06 November, 1994 as AMA International University Bangladesh, a joint venture between AMA Computer University of the Philippines, and local sponsor Anwarul Abedin. Regular academic classes started in 1995. AMA Computer University later left the partnership, and in 2001 the university was renamed American International University-Bangladesh.[5][6]


The university's campus is located in an urban setting near Kuril flyover. The campus area is about 30 acres (12 ha). A total building area of 1,300,000 square feet (120,000 m2) [7][8] is being utilized for academic programs both undergraduate and graduate. The construction of main academic building is under-process. Currently, AIUB operates it's all academic activities in 7 annex buildings. The library has been shifted to the iconic round-shaped building.


Each applicant has to pass the competitive admission test administered by the university.[9][10] In admission test university judges applicant for their knowledge of math and English language. No IELTS score is acceptable without admission test, only TOEFL is acceptable. There are two parts of admission exam written and Viva. Student have to pass both individually.[citation needed]


The medium of instruction of all academic programs at AIUB is English. The academic year of the university incorporates two regular semesters (Fall and Spring). The Summer semester is an optional semester at AIUB. The duration of each semester is 14 weeks. The academic year starts from Fall semester.

The academic programs are divided among the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Science and Information Technology.[11] All the faculties offer both undergraduate and graduate level studies.

AIUB updated its grading system in February 2017 for the second time.[12] The New Grading System will be applicable for those students who have enrolled in Spring 2016-17 and later. Old Grading system will still be applicable for students who have enrolled in Fall 2016-17 and before. The letter grades indicating the quality of course work completed with their corresponding grade points.[13] Minimum CGPA requirement for graduation in any undergraduate and graduate program at AIUB is 2.50.[14]

The scholarship program at AIUB is open for both incoming and continuing students with at least one year of residency.[citation needed] It covers full or partial tuition fee waiver. Incoming students qualify by passing the competitive examinations while weighted average CGPA for the previous year of 3.75 with no grade lower than B and no F, I, W, UW grades no disciplinary records. The number of awards is dependent on the slots available. AIUB authority also provide financial aids for deserving students. AIUB also offers 100% scholarship for the son and daughter of Freedom Fighter (They Should maintain CGPA 3.50 ).

Research and publications[edit]

In research arena, AIUB has internal academic journals: AIUB Journal of Science and Engineering (AJSE) (ISSN 1608-3679) and AIUB Journal of Business and Economics (AJBE), (ISSN 1683-8742). Since the first publications in 2002 three issues per year are being published regularly. AIUB is also the first institute in Bangladesh to launch an online working paper series named AIUB BUS ECON Working Paper Series.[15]


AIUB Computer Lab
A View of Electrical Machine Lab 1 of AIUB


AIUB has a library.[16]

Extra curricular activities[edit]

AIUB is one of the only eight universities from Bangladesh who have participated in the maximum level of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM ICPC) commonly known as ACM ICPC World Final.[17] In 2001, AIUB qualified for the world final through Wild Card by securing second place in ACM ICPC Kanpur Site regional.[18] Office of Student Affairs (OSA) looks after the extra curricular activities of the student community through student organizations like: AIUB Arts Club first organised "AIUB Arts Club presents 1st Inter Private University Art Exhibition- 2012" Unleashing Imagination at Dhaka Art Center

Affiliations and membership[edit]

AIUB is member of professional bodies including:

Notable alumni[edit]


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